The modern business environment has put small and medium-sized businesses within certain narrow limits where business projects must provide a quick payoff. And the laser tag business is the one that best meets that criteria.

It takes little investment to get a fully functional business project with good prospects for development and high chances of “survival” under any economic situation in your country. Let us have a closer look at the benefits of laser tag business. We tried to highlight the key aspects most crucial for any who want to know «How to start laser tag business».

1.Quick return on investments

One of the main limitations which small business faces in their initial stage is limited financing. Naturally, if you projects generated millions in turnover, you would hardly be reading this page as such amounts of available funding calls needs implementation of bigger projects, while owners of mid-sized businesses have to get along with a much more modest budget. With only several hundred euros available, it is not possible for you to open a car service station or a shop, while that amount is more than enough to start laser tag arena business.

Laser tag bussines

You will have no need to make any additional investment, unless your ambition is to set up a permanent arena with playgrounds, recreation areas and any accompanying services.

With the right approach and hard work promoting the arena, the amount invested will pay back as early as a year. In any case, this was the equipment payback period for most of our customers. And of course, it will take much time in case you want to promote and advertising your laser tag business. But there hardly exists any type of investment with a quick payoff and devoid of time investment. Furthermore, there is always an option to hire an administrator to run the arena instead of you, offering him or her percentage from arena revenues. Naturally, this will somewhat extend the payback period, but in return you will have all your time otherwise spent on running the arena, which could be a good tradeoff in case you have other projects calling your immediate attention.

2. Net profit and no expendables

Laser tag looks more appealing when compared to similar services in terms of its absence of any single-use items such as with paintball, where the owners have to allocate a part of the proceeds for the procurement of balls, filling the air tanks, repair kits and plenty of other expenses. Laser tag business involves no such expenses at all.

Laser tag bussines

In fact, the only operating expenditures are those associated with transport costs, while the laser tag business equipment required to host a game could be brought to the venue in even a small car. Hence, all money received can be treated as “profit”. If you wish to develop and expand your business, you will have to put aside a certain amount to run advertising and buy additional equipment, however, your income in this case will also grow proportionally.

3.Safety of players and staff

Safety is a very important aspect of the game process as it is the host that will be responsible for any injuries received by players. This is especially true for kids. And if in paintball there are plenty of potentially dangerous objects (hard objects, i.e. balls, high pressure units, risk of falls due to the limited view of the mask), laser tag has none of them.

Of course, sometimes people can just fall and break their leg, however, this is a thing that can happen to them in everyday life, say, while jogging or on their way to work, that is the chances of such an accident are very small, and there is nothing in starting laser tag business that adds to the risk. Therefore, all you have to do during the game is just watch the players to prevent any potentially dangerous actions on their part, and that is it.

Laser tag bussines

4. Independence of business and mobility

You may host laser tag games virtually anywhere. You do not need protective net as in paintball nor other protective means and measures. All you need is to be informed by the client regarding the place and time of the game.
This offers you quite a lot of flexibility for event planning and for partners program opportunities. You can make arrangements with any recreational facility or any other organization about hosting games on their terms and in their facilities. Depending on the terms of such arrangements, you will have to pay them a fee, however, more often than not it will be an adequate price to pay for additional flow of customers.

5. Wide age range

Laser tag imposes practically no age limitations. It can be played by both adults and kids. Kids can try playing this game as soon as they are able to carry the tagger. It is a very important fact since it significantly expands the age range of your clientele.
In addition, another important benefit of laser tag is that more women are willing to play it since this game completely eliminates pain associated with playing paintball. This is definitely an advantage to be used when advertising your arena.

6. Vast hosting options

As already discussed, the mobility offered by laser tag makes it possible to host games virtually in any place. Therefore, it will be easy for you to offer our service as an addition to extend the range of services offered by other organizations. In addition, you may hold promo events offering 10 minutes of free play to anyone right in the city center. With no costs required and safety of the service, this will be an excellent move to promote your arena.

You may also vary game scenarios, arrange a shooting range or develop an original service package to get your customers. With no current expenses and no need to worry about safety issues, you will have a versatile set of tools to host your games.

Laser tag bussines

7.  Laser tag business prospects

Laser tag business have been actively developing in the recent years, with more and more arenas set up in every region, which is an evidence of good prospects for such business. Therefore, the earlier you enter the market the more clients there are for you to attract. When people get to know more about this exciting game they more often opt for it as an entertainment activity.

Once the number of laser tag arenas in your city increases the trend will reverse, and owners will face client-loss and other problems due to increased competition. So, it is better to start laser tag business now, when the trend for the service is up, and the number of existing arenas is less than that needed to meet the demand for the service.

8. Laser tag business as additional service

If you already run a business in the service industry, you may find it convenient to offer laser tag in addition to your existing entertainment services. Laser tag can be played both indoors and outdoors, so it will be suitable for owners of recreation facilities, shopping and recreation centers. You will be able to offer your customers a really exciting game and thrills for an affordable price.

9. Arena support and advice

If you might have any doubts as to how you should effectively promote your laser tag arena and acquire an adequate client flow, we are always there for you to provide information support. Laser Pro offers advice and support for laser tag clubs which bought our equipment. You will receive our step-by-step guidelines on what and when to do things to develop your club. Following our advice, you will be able to achieve excellent results, which has been proven by the successful cases of our customers.

The bottom line, there is another important factor that is worth mentioning. Working on the development of a laser tag arena and hosting games can be called anything but a routine job. Positive emotions of your players will inevitably spread to inspire the game hosts, creating a general positive atmosphere in the arena. Add here the vast opportunities and perspectives of this business, and you will have one of the best options for investing your money.