Why VR businesses without real multiplayer abilities will fail

Pretty much every VR Arcade is either single-player or what is called “box multiplayer”.

Box multiplayer is when participants are cordoned off from one another. The main reasons for this are that the headsets are designed for single players to play in tight spaces and that large scale tracking systems are expensive and can cost up to 1000$ per square meter.

The Mars VR systems offers a true multiplayer experience

We think now is the time for a change! We are hoping that with the new Mars VR system businesses will be able to offer something that cannot be replicated at home. It will be a completely unique experience that people will be able to share with their friends and families. A true multiplayer game with everyone in the same room, making a more true connection providing fuller immersion in the game.

Keep customers returning for more

For VR Arcades to remain viable, they need to offer something that varies in experiences and or be repeatable while offering the same level of thrills.

As it stands, there are not many VR Arcades that can offer a multiplayer experience that offers customers a deep level of adventure. Because the depth of these games is lacking, replayability is lessened. If a game can be fully explored what will bring them back?

What about MARS VR?

The foundation of the Mars VR system is the interaction of players. The players themselves vary the gaming experience and immerses players in a virtual space.

With the addition of stunning battlefields, realistic graphics, and diverse scenarios customers are going to enjoy themselves on a deeper level.

To make this possible it requires a lifelike VR environment with accompanied interfaces and controls.

The main advantages of MARS System

  • One of a kind games, location, and content.
  • Our systems provide the sensation of recoil and injury with many other gaming interactions that can be felt as well as seen.
  • Even the blasters look like the actual blaster used in the game.

We encourage you to take more time and get as much information as possible about starting a VR Arcade. To go deeper, fill out the form below.