“Zombie player” or “Doctor”

    A new firmware 19.1 for the NETRONIC platform was released not so long ago. One of the most significant novelties of this version is the autonomous operation of the NETRONIC headband. Now you can play in such modes as “Zombie player” and “Doctor”, using just a headband, without the laser tag gun.

    New possibilities

    The autonomous operation of headband allows you to:
    • Use the NETRONIC headband in an ordinary game connecting it to the tagger, as well as separately for the Zombie and Doctor modes, avoiding purchasing other devices for that;
    • Create thematic scenarios that have gained high popularity among players;
    • Divide a game kit and hand it to two players which will be useful at high workload of your laser tag club.

    How to switch on the autonomous mode of the headband?

    In order to activate new game modes, you should switch off the tagger and activate the “Zombie player” or “Doctor” mode with the help of the corresponding button on the remote control.
    Hereinafter you should use a remote control only to configure and control the headband, because the headband will not be reflected in the application or in statistics.

    “Zombie player” mode

    In the “Zombie player” mode, a player should sneak up on rivals at a distance of up to one meter in order to immediately deactivate them. The headband emits IR impulses every 0.4 second which leads to rivals losing their lives.
    The “Zombie player” has 100 lives, the radiation has an inverse impact on them, healing the zombies, and the medkit injures these players. A deactivated zombie can come back to the game with the help of Multistation or Sirius that operate in the “Respawn” mode.
    The headband in the “Zombie player” game mode smoothly lights up in blue every 10 seconds, thus a zombie can hit other players without being noticed.

    “Doctor” mode

    A player, playing the role of the doctor, gives 25 life points to players at the radius of a meter every 5 seconds. At first, the doctor has 100 lives which can be restored with the help of Sirius and Multistation operating in a “Medkit” or “Respawn” modes. The doctor can be deactivated quite fast, and this fact will encourage players to defend actively such an important character.
    The doctor’s headband lights up in yellow every 5 seconds and it serves as an indication of the health restore effect.

    Scenarios in which you can use the autonomous operation of headbands

    The autonomous operation of the headband gives you the opportunity to create new scenarios.
    Last hero
    One player or the instructor acts as Zombie, their task is to chase every player and hit them. Zombies can be easily deactivated, because they have only 100 lives. But they can constantly get respawned with the help of a base that respawns them and emits radiation which heals zombies.
    Deactivated players leave the playground, and the game lasts until there is just one player left, the player who becomes the last hero.
    Kids will love the given scenario, and to make the game more realistic, the instructor can wear a thematic zombie costume!
    The only chance to survive
    Each team has their own doctor that has 100 lives. The doctor is the only chance for players to get healed, as there is no base or medkit on the playground. The instructor can play the doctor’s role. The scenario will push players to competent team positioning and active defense of their doctor. The game lasts until there is only one team left.
    The scenarios described above are the drafts that you can use in your laser tag club. The autonomous operation of the headband, flexible settings and the scenario constructor present you a possibility to create most interesting thematic game modes.