Organizing and conducting a children’s game of lasertag

Lasertag is an exciting team game. Intuitive rules, no pain, a large selection of scenarios make this game an excellent type of outdoor activities.
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Features of laser tag and paintball business in Italy

“Find a job you like and you don’t have to work a single day in your life” (Confucius).

The true story of our client, whose passion to the laser tag and paintball games has evolved into a profitable business.

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Demountable construction of the NETRONIC headband. Review

Headband NETRONIC has embodied lots of features aimed at immersing into the game process and providing comfortable usage. Minimized size of the sensors and control unit, zonal vibro-indication, inverse mode, super-bright diodes etc.

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Safety standards of the GALAXY – indoor laser tag system

The safety of the game process and pain absence have played a great role in laser tag popularity. This active game is opened for everyone regardless the age, physical fitness and gender.

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TOP-7 SIRIUS based scenarios for outdoor laser tag games

Variety of game scenarios is one of the key factors of the laser tag club success. Customers will come back to your club over and over again if you can organize an interesting game for them.

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Game statistics of the indoor laser tag system – GALAXY

The clients of laser tag centers are usually interested in their game results: hits inflicted, frags number, points gained and other indications. They want to know where they have been the most efficient. Besides, even if a player’s team has lost, he/she still can be ranked as expert shot. Read more

How to prepare a club for a new season

How to prepare a club for a new season? What to do to attract customers? These and other questions usually bother each owner of a laser tag club. This article will tell you about our own practical experience that we gained after more than 13 years of work.
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SIRIUS  — play beyond the edge of stereotypes!

SIRIUS station is an interactive scenario device to involve players into a game process! This device both meets all expectations of players and pleases instructors, being easy-to-set and control! Read more

Laser tag center LaserRed. Interview with our client, partner and dealer to be.

Still thinking whether to start laser tag business or not? While you are in doubt, those who have already contacted this business are reaping their benefits!

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How to give equipment and start a game

Continuing the series of briefings as for laser tag game conducting, today we’d like to explain how to run the game and how the instructor should treat laser tag equipment after the game. As the way you deal with the equipment partly effects its durability.

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