Laser tag in hotels

The arranging of additional services in hotels is an effective way to beat your competitors, and it is another way to profit. Offer a laser tag game in your hotel, and you will bring your business to a new higher level! Read more

Laser tag for camps

The main task of the children’s camp is to involve children in productive activities, to interest, to surprise, and to channel their energy towards the right direction! Laser tag solves all these problems! Read more

What is Laser Tag? Appreciate this amazing game!

Want to know what is laser tag? We have prepared a video, that will show you the game process in action so you can appreciate this amazing game with your own eyes!

Read more

Arena laser tag.How to play

Arena Laser Tag. How to play? Briefing video

We filmed this video for laser tag arenas that use equipment from the company to make the pre-game briefing more interesting and helpful! Read more

Why laser tag is a profitable business

Modern business environment has put small and medium-sized businesses within certain narrow limits when business projects must provide a quick payoff.

How to choose laser tag manufacturer?

Having decided to come to grips with laser tag business, you are close to key issue. This is choice of equipment for your club. Though return on investment…

The major challenge for laser tag business

One of the biggest problems in laser tag is that people simply “do not know about it”. They are used to celebrate their birthdays by going to bowling, but …

Best practices of laser tag arena customer management

As the old biblical saying and a common ethical wisdom goes: in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you This is probably the oldest …