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Choose your business and get FREE game kits

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TURN your laser tag CLUB into the PORTABLE one + get GIFTS with new SPECIAL OFFER from LASERTAG.NET

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PRO RGB-vest with hit sensors

We present you the PRO version of the RGB-vest with hit sensors produced by LASERTAG.NET Read more


Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

These last days of December turned into days of counting for both new and existing businesses, didn’t they?

  • counting successes & achievements
  • counting steps for the coming victories
  • counting new & returning customers
  • counting opportunities & possibilities
  • counting figures, summarizing budgets & planning new ones
  • counting days till Christmas & New Year

LASERTAG.NET wishes all our existing & future customers Сhristmas holidays filled with the whole bunch of new positive impressions & inspiration to form the solid base for the coming year.

The team of LASERTAG.NET has also summarized the leaving year and let’s be honest – its results are worth each single effort our engineers, programmers, developers, designers and other specialists have put into their work.

  • update of product line with newly-designed devices
  • production of new series of SMART laser tag equipment pieces
  • successful participation in international exhibitions, including IAAPA 2017 (Berlin & Orlando)

Let us express our affectionate greetings to each partner of ours, congratulating you for your active & loyal work this year of 2017.

No one should forget that Christmas and New Year are special days for each single person. Let’s remember how important they are and also realize how much efforts we all have made to provide laser tag world with the best products & services, with the innovative features & orientation for Hi-Tech future.

Thank you for being a part of our activities, for helping us to become leaders in the laser tag industry, for evaluating & giving precious feedback so that each product by LASERTAG.NET could get closer and closer to perfection.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. And let your coming successes be as bright & precise as laser tag kits rays!

P.S. In case you haven’t managed to prepare the best gifts for your laser tag business for the next year we remind you that there’re Special Offers, expiring soon. Don’t forget to treat yourself with success!


SMART Remote Control – the easier way to control laser tag

Comfortable laser tag by LASERTAG.NET becomes even more user-friendly. Welcome the new member of SMART series devices  – Smart Remote Control.

Remote Control for laser tag equipment became more reliable, more functional, more comfortable and more capacitive bettery wise.

The main function of the new device is to set up and control game kits and and additional equipment. New Remote Control kept all the capacities of the previous one but has undergone serious changes in functional and ergonomical characteristics to grant new opportunities when configurating and setting laser tag equipment.

Key features of the SMART Remote Control:

  • game kits configuration & team colors selection / change
  • deactivation of game kits
  • activation of the game
  • adjustment of shot power
  • boost of health points & ammo
  • activation and configuration of ancillary laser tag equipment

New functional features to save your time

15 buttons on the front panel of the Remote Control are arranged according to their functions:

  • 4 buttons on the top panel allow one-click setting or changing the players color – no need to go through all over again
  • 6 buttons on the bottom panel let one promptly  set the player’s settings – no additional ajustments
  • Start button is located in the very middle of the SMART Remote Control and is of an increased size, allowing one to launch the game easily with one touch
  • 4 functional buttons, located around the Start button regulate the shot power, add health points & ammo, as well as delete players from the game
  • Shift button is not needed any longer – no more holding the device with both hands at the same time. Who needs it?

There is no ON / OFF button on the SMART Remote Control. The device stays in the standby mode all the time without consuming much energy and thus is ready to be used any time you need it.

The device uses mini AA betteries and automatically gets into standby mode when not used.  It uses little energy and thus one set of batteries will last for at least one year with no need to replace them.

Let’s note also that it’s very comfortable to use the laser tag Remote Control – rounded tact switches fit perfectly for smooth quick clicks and one doesn’t need to make an effort when giving a command.

Improved ergonomics & wear resistance

Smooth streamlined body is in the LASERTAG.NET game kits style and follows the futuristic character of the game. There’re no sharp elements and the buttons are of the optimum size, proving the device to be on a highly ergonomical level as well.

The matte cover prevents unnesessary scratches and damages and thus saves the attractive marketable appearance.

User-friendly design is accompanied with graphic icons on the buttons. Moreover, the images do not fade out because they are applied on the inner side of the smart device.

Special clip to fix the Smart Remote Control 

You can easily and quickly fix the Smart Remove Control, for example on your belt, using a special clip on the back side of the device. There is no need to look where to put the Remote Control, try to remember where you left it or risk dropping it.

Easy configuration & possibility too “teach” the Remote Control your playing style

The Remote Control is set by default for all the necessary actions but they can be easily changed if needed.

To encode your Smart Remote Control you will need a Radio Base, connected to the host PC with Lasertag PC installed or a similar Remote Control which settings you can simply copy. New Smart Remote Control is capable of self-learning, which means that with a certain code numbers you can set your own command for any button without using any additional devices.

If needed to go back to default settings one can simply hold two lower buttons and the settings will be restored.

Use LASERTAG.NET new Smart Remote Control to widen your laser tag arsenal or as an alternative to the classic Remote Control to activate, configure, and control your laser tag equipment by LASERTAG.NET or other producers.

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The LASERTAG.NET company welcomes you at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

LASERTAG.NET participates in the international exhibition IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 which will take place in Orlando, Florida, November 14-17, 2017.

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LASERTAG.NET announces production of the laser tag grenade

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Smart Domination Box

“Smart” company of the LASERTAG.NET devices has just grown up and we are happy to present you with the totally new laser tag device on the market which has stepped out of the standards – Smart Domination Box.

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Indoor laser tag system. 2017 release. Review (in English, German, Spanish, and French)

Lasertag.Net constantly modifies and develops its indoor laser tag system! What features did it get in 2017?
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