NETRONIC vest – a new generation of vests for laser tag

Many fans of the outdoor laser tag want to have more setting and realistic combat. A new generation of vests has implemented a number of important innovations designed: shoot through, differential damage and autonomous operation.
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Halloween in your laser tag club

It’s Halloween on October 31st – a holiday with an ancient history and unique attributes. It is popular all over

Zombie and Doctor – new modes of the NETRONIC headband

“Zombie player” or “Doctor”

A new firmware 19.1 for the NETRONIC platform was released not so long ago. One of the most significant novelties of this version is the autonomous operation of the NETRONIC headband. Now you can play in such modes as “Zombie player” and “Doctor”, using just a headband, without the laser tag gun. Read more

Laser tag arena development

At the stage of construction of the laser tag arena, each entrepreneur has many questions. How to equip a room?

Results of the expo IAAPA-2019!

The IAAPA expo 2019 in Paris just closed and it is time to sum it up. For these three days our booth was visited by about 500 people, among which were businessmen, entrepreneurs and some who want to create unusual entertainment.
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More than just scenarios

Laser tag visitors come to you for unforgettable emotions. For the game to be remembered for a long time, offer your customers to try different modes. Read more

The last day of IAAPA-2019!

Today is the last day of the IAAPA-2019 exhibition in Paris! Over hundred of potential and active clients visited our

The first day of the IAAPA-2019 exhibition!

The first day of the IAAPA-2019 is in high gear! This is one of the biggest exhibition of equipment for amusement parks and entertainment that gathers great quantity of companies from all over the world in one place.
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Lasertag.Net event in the UK!

Recently we visited 7 cities in Britain and hold 8 private presentations there. But we are sure that there are much more people interested in laser tag equipment! Read more


Firmware 19.1 – new step in the evolution of the platform NETRONIC

The latest firmware version 19.1 is available for download! We have greatly extended the features and optimized the outdoor laser tag system NETRONIC, as well as fixed bugs.

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