The video format of the Multistation. Where is the heart of your arena?

What is the heart of your laser tag arena? How do you make sure your customers will get the best experience, coming to play?

The heart of the arena hides in the interactive laser tag device  – Multistation.
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SIRIUS Station: new star on your laser tag arena!

Portable and outstanding device, featuring 6 game modes to run a scenario of any difficulty level. These are the the main features of the Sirius Station that benefit owners of laser tag arenas.

SIRIUS Station is a newly designed device for laser tag games, enabling you to change your arena and refresh the game zone in only few minutes. It will as well help adapting the arena to the highly difficult scenarios to fit the most demanding visitors.
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Unboxing Outdoor Laser Tag Equipment. Video

Laser tag equipment bundle is an easy solution for ready-to-run business.   Read more


Multistation – take your laser tag arena to an interactive level!

Multistation is a gaming device that will change your understanding of the laser tag arena once and forever. LASERTAG.NET has not only put the features of different laser tag devices together but also implemented the technologies that turned the new Multistation into an interactive & user-friendly piece to be remembered!  

Multistation aims to solve one of the main problems of the laser tag arenas owners – it enriches the collection of gaming scenarios, attracts new visitors & entertains the existing ones. The device will also do another thing – make your arena is an outstanding and identifiable place.

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Choose your ARENA and get FREE game kits

Thinking about launching a laser tag arena? Looking for equipment & counting the necessary amount of game kits & additional devices? Wondering if there is anything else you should think about before the grand opening? Read more


Choose your business and get FREE game kits

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PRO RGB-vest with hit sensors

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Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

These last days of December turned into days of counting for both new and existing businesses, didn’t they? Read more


SMART Remote Control – the easier way to control laser tag

Comfortable laser tag by LASERTAG.NET becomes even more user-friendly. Welcome the new member of SMART series devices  – Smart Remote Control. Read more