It’s hard to imagine a modern laser tag arena without the Domination Box as this device has become the essential element of the most exciting game scenarios.

The Domination Box (DB) is basically a timer which calculates the time it remains under the control of the team that captured it.

In most cases, the DB is positioned in the center of the arena (at equal distance from both teams). The goal of each team is to capture the DB and hold it during the specified time, set on the device by the game attendant before the start of the game. When switched on and before the first capture, the DB glows with neutral white light. In order to capture the DB, the player has to run up to it and make a point-blank shot in the upper device panel.  When captured, the DB LEDs will change color to that of the team that has captured it and the timer will start counting the time it remains under this team’s control. Should the control point be taken over by a player from another team, it will again change color to that of the new team, and, having stored the time score for the first team, it will start a new time count for the second team (the game can be played by up to 4 teams at the same time: blue, red, yellow, and green). The team, whose total time in control of the DB reaches the specified time, becomes the winner. When a team holds control of the DB for the required period of time, it will flash in the winner’s color and produce a sound to signal the end of the battle.

The light indication is provided by RGB LEDs on each side of the DB case. The case itself is made rectangular, which offers convenient storage and handling, thereby saving space. The Domination Box has the height of 270 mm (10.6 in), and the width and length of 80 mm (3.15 in) and 160 mm (6.3 in) respectively.

It is important to note that RGB LEDs ensure clearly visible lights of distinct colors (blue, red, yellow, and green) and are highly durable in rental conditions due to the fact that each LED was encased in a metal casing to protect it from damage and to ensure a long service life.

The artwork on the face plate-label is UV-printed, which makes it resistant to strong physical impact and less vulnerable to fading in the sunlight.

The two IR-emitters on the device top panel ensure a wider signal emission angle, which is a very important factor contributing to the stability of data transmission to collect game stats online.

Domination Box Instruction manual

The Domination Box is one of the key elements in many laser tag game scenarios, in particular, the Domination Box capture scenario – one of the most popular game scenarios. The device consists of the base and the case as well as the RGB indicator LEDs, the power button and the charger socket, positioned on the exterior side of the case. The electronic board with the IR-receiver and the IR-emitter as well as the speaker and the battery are built into the case

The Domination Box configuration

The Domination Box is designed to register its “capture” by players from different teams, to add up and keep record of total capture scores as well as to determine the winner.
The capture score (time) needed to win the round is programmed using a remote control. To configure the Domination Box,   universal-point-2  switch it on using the button in the lower part of the case. The indicator LEDs will light up with white color. Then, turn on your remote control. To increase the capture time by one minute, direct the IR-emitter on the remote control vertically and towards the top of the Domination Box and press the “double life” button.    universal-point-8 The capture time can be set for 10 minutes maximum. To decrease the time by one minute – press the “change team color” button.  universal-point-9

Each time one of these buttons on the remote control is pressed, the Domination Box will respond with sound signals and white flashes of the LEDs, with the number of flashes corresponding to the number of minutes set for the box capture.

Play mode

Upon power-on, the Domination Box will replay sound and white light signals, with their number indicating the time in minutes, set as the box capture time limit.

In order to register the box capture, the gun’s emitter must be aimed at the top of the case as vertically as possible, as if trying to shoot inside the device, because the IR-hit sensor is located at the bottom of the Domination Box. Such sensor positioning is meant to eliminate cheating or false capture triggering from long or stray shots. Each time a player captures the box, the timer will stop counting time for the last box “holder” and start counting capture time for the new one, while the box will light up with one of the four colors (red, blue, yellow, or green) corresponding to the color of the team, who takes over the box. In addition to that, all players will receive a sound warning from their laser tag guns: “The Domination Box has been captured”. When taken over by opponents, it will change the color to that of the new box holder. The timer continuously sums up the time the point is held by a team and, if the time limit is reached, the control point will signal the end of the round with a sound and a flashing of the LED indicators with the color of the winning team.

The Domination Box is reset by pressing the “New game” universal-point-3 button on the remote control. The device will react in the same way as upon first power-on.