Red dot sight

Red dot sight is a lens or a lens system that projects the aiming mark on the player’s eye by the parallel flow. As a result it is necessary to combine just two points — a glowing mark, which you can see through the eyepiece and the goal itself. Moreover, even if you move your glance aside, you will anyway see the aiming mark.
Red dot sight for laser tag is a Bushnell 1x40RD model.
  1. The horizontal and vertical corrections adjustment is made by clicks.
  2. The aiming mark — the red and green dots.
  3. The adjustment of the aiming mark brightness — by means of the position resistor.


Red dot sights can be open and closed. The Bushnell 1 × 0 RD aiming mark model is red and green dots. The color and the brightness of the aiming mark is set by means of a 12-position resistor.
To fix the sight on the tagger’s body you have to insert it into the Picatinny top rail and tight the takedown screws. Switching power on (CR-2032, 3V lithium battery) is made by turning the resistor in any direction, with that the red or green aiming mark should come to light.
Horizontal and vertical adjustment of red dot sight angle correction is made by the adjustment screws turning clicks, which are closed by protective tops.
The check fire of the tagger with fixed sight can be made using an electronic shooting range or other set of the tagger-headband.