Remote control Smart Mini

    Laser tag is a hi-tech game, and high technologies always seek to optimize their size. The new generation of Laser tag game devices from LASERTAG.NET presents its remote control Smart Mini.


    Remote control Smart Mini is a device made of durable ABS plastic with three buttons that double the number of functions of a standard remote control. Most frequent commands to be performed by the device may be programmed by selecting those you most often use during the game. These may be: New Game, Deactivate Player, Change Team color, Add lives, and Adjust shooting power.
    The Smart remote control is programmed via the IR channel with a standard remote control (under Miles Tag protocol). The default set of commands can also be used.
    Remote control Smart Mini enables to create various game scenarios. It can be programmed to perform one command only and give a player a respective opportunity to save lives, respawn players, and damage from close range (“Medical man”, “Respawn”, “Damager” etc.).


    Remote control Smart Mini is of a fob size (5,4 x 4,3 cm). The working range is 5-6 meters. The device is powered by a standard CR 2032 battery. In addition to three function buttons, it has a light indicator, flashing on green when pushing buttons.
    This mini remote control was designed to enable the instructor to get into the playing area and watch the game hands-free, the remote control hanging on a wrist or neck, like a whistle. The device will also be useful if two instructors work on the playing area: one with the main and the other with the mini remote control.
    Remote control Smart Mini is handier for games played away, and finally, it can be of use as a stand-by device, in case the main remote control goes flat.