Smart remote control

    Many instructors spend a great deal of time preparing and managing games. The number of games depends on the speed of preparation and execution, and therefore the profits in general.
    Although laser tag software makes it as easy as possible to prepare for the game, there is an alternative option – a remote control. With the help of the Smart remote control you can configure vests, headbands and taggers without connection to the software.
    Smart remote control


    External elements of the remote control

    External elements of the remote control
    1. Team color selection

    2. Change the IR beam power

    3. Double health units

    4. Start of the game

    5. Remove Player

    6. Replenish ammo

    7. ”Medic” preset

    8. “Vampire” preset

    9. “Zombie” preset

    10. “Hostage” preset

    11. “Sniper” preset

    12. “Stormtrooper” preset

    Button functionality

    The top four buttons are responsible for selecting team colors, allowing the instructor to quickly assign players to teams and save time for the game.
    The four buttons around the “Start” button allow to:
    • adjust the firing range;
    • double your health;
    • add ammo;
    • remove players.
    buttons around the “Start”
    Six preset buttons change the kit’s default settings and give players unique abilities:
    1. “Medic” preset
      Rlayer heals with shots. The additional weapon is a pistol, which does a little damage at close range.

    2. “Vampire” preset
      The player restores his health, dealing damage to the enemy. But the “bloodlust” has an effect on the vampire – he is constantly deprived of health units.

    3. “Sniper” preset
      The player attacks opponents with single shots from a long range, inflicting great damage.

    4. “Hostage” preset
      The player’s tagger is deactivated and he can only take damage. Most often this is a story character, who must be led through the path without being wounded;

    5. “Zombie” preset
      The player causes a lot of damage at close range, turning the enemies into zombies, which can infect other players.

    6. “Stormtrooper” preset
      A base fighter armed with a medium damage assault rifle.
    A base fighter
    Three new buttons have been added:
    • “Turn off the gaming kit” – this requires pointing the transmitter of the Remote control at the tagger’s IR sensor and pressing the button;
    • “Apply 1 damage point” – the protocol command is used to check the gaming kit;
    • “Double damage of the gaming kit” – pressing this button doubles the shot damage (but not more than 100 units).
    Additional devices, such as SIRIUS and SMART Domination Box, can also be configured and controlled with the remote control.

    Button reprogramming

    Another interesting feature of the remote control is that the buttons can be reprogrammed to meet the instructor’s needs. This can be done in two ways – by copying and self-programming.
    For copying you will need a similar remote control. The scheme of copying is the following:
    1. First, you need to position the remote with its front panel toward the transmitter of the remote you are copying;
    2. Press the button you want to reprogram until the click indicator starts blinking rapidly;
    3. Holding this button, press the desired button on the remote you are copying;
    4. Wait until the indicator fades and release the button.
    5. Check if the changes are correct.
    The remote control unit can be programmed without additional devices, using the buttons as a keyboard.

    The mechanism of self-programming is the following:

    • Press the “Change to Red” button and the button to be reprogrammed at the same time;
    • Wait until the green LED flashes more frequently and then stops flashing;
    • Holding the “Change to red” button, release the button that has been reprogrammed;
    • While holding the “Change to red” button, dial the 4-digit code, according to the table of codes and the enclosed scheme of correspondence of buttons and symbols.
    *The table with 4-digit codes can be found in the manual.
    The copying and self-programming functions reduce the number of actions and the time spent by instructors. These functions become a kind of assistant for them.

    Ergonomics and durability

    Smooth streamlined body of the remote control is made in the style of gaming kits and emphasizes the futuristic orientation of the game. We paid special attention to the ergonomics of the new remote control, since the absence of sharp elements and optimally-sized buttons increase the comfort of using the device.
    The handy plastic clip, which can be used to fasten the device to your belt, helps to free your hands. You no longer have to worry about losing or damaging the remote.
    Wear-resistant matte coating prevents scratches and damage to the surface of the keyboard, so you can keep a presentable appearance as long as possible.
    Buttons of the new version of the remote control are membrane keys, which have practically unlimited lifetime of keystrokes.
    Graphic images on the buttons will not wear off, as they are printed on the inside of the membrane panel of the Smart remote.
    Obviously, the updated Smart remote will perfectly prove itself as a reliable assistant for an instructor. But do not forget that it is more relevant and practical to use the remote as a supplement to the Lasertag Operator software. After all, we keep up to date and choose the most progressive and fastest way to control the laser tag game.