Game-based devices allow you to hold games in a new way every day, attracting new visitors to your club and keeping the interest of regular customers. Each device has 5-8 game modes on the basis of which it is possible to create more than 100 scenarios.

A large selection of game missions is one of the factors of a successful laser tag center. By creating conditions for an exciting game for your customers, you can attract new visitors and keep the regular ones. Our scenario devices will not let players get bored! By placing them on the playground, you will be able to create countless missions to enhance your involvement in the laser tag game.


Use the free software Lasertag.NET Operator to control all the game equipment, including laser tag game based devices. We have introduced a wealth of functionality into it, but we’ve also taken care of the user-friendly nature of the software. The software is available for the Android platform. Therefore, you can control the laser tag game with a standard smartphone or tablet.


An interactive device for implementing exciting scenarios. A laser tag game based device that triggers not only from a gunshot, but also from a simple touch. To restore health units, replenish ammunition or get other bonuses, just touch the surface of the SIRIUS. We gave up mechanical buttons, which often wear out, and made the body of the laser tag game based device almost airtight. Rain, snow and dust are not a problem anymore! Its compact size and autonomous power supply allow it to be placed anywhere. Adapt the playground for different scenarios in just a few minutes! The bright light indication makes it easy to distinguish the modes of the laser tag game based device from any distance. Play on a sunny day or in a semi-dark arena maze – SIRIUS cannot be missed!


A laser tag game based device for indoor laser tag. A distinctive feature of the laser tag device – a large 10,6" (27 cm) LED screen, which displays one of the 7 animated game modes. The large screen area allows you to display quality detailed animations that are easy to distinguish. This makes it very clear for the player how to interact with the laser tag game based device: whether to shoot at it, to approach in order to replenish ammunition or to run away. The indoor laser tag game is accompanied by sound effects. To enhance the atmospheric effect, we have integrated into MULTISTATION two audio speakers that create surround sound.


Smart Domination Box is one of the most popular scenarios in the laser tag game. Meet a laser tag game based device that offers much more than a simple reference point. This laser tag game based device has 5 modes, with the help of which you can modify existing missions or create new ones. Due to the 3 LED edges, the SMART laser tag game based device can simultaneously interact with 3 teams. The capture indication is displayed on dynamic scales. Bright diodes can be seen from a distance, allowing players to watch their team’s progress and correct team actions.

Comparative table of laser tag game based devices

Game modesRadiation
Domination Box
Capture by time
Triple capture
Capture the domination box
Capture by shots
Activation by shots+++
Activation by touch+
Sound indication+++
Power supplyBattery PoweredNetwork PoweredBattery Powered
Dimensions7,4" x 7,4" x 2,1"
(19 Х 19 Х 5,5 cm)
15,3" x 14,5" x 2,9"
(39 Х 37 Х 7,5 cm)
8,6" x 8,6" x 12,5"
(22 Х 22 Х 32 cm)
Weight1,1 lbs (520 g)3,5 lbs (1600 g)3,5 lbs (1600 g)
ControlWindows, AndroidWindows, AndroidWindows, Android