Game-based device Multistation

Game-based device

MULTISTATION is a game-device with 7 operating modes, an LED panel for animated visualization of game modes, and a loud sound indication.

Animated indication of game modes

The multistation is equipped with a LED panel with a diagonal of 10,6" (27 cm), which displays the animation for the game mode that is currently on. The large size of the panel allows you to display high-quality detailed animations that are visible from a long distance. Even with high dynamics of laser combat, the players can clearly understand what to do with the device: shoot it or come closer to restore health and ammo.

Domination box

The domination box is a device that is used in capture modes. Points are awarded for capturing and holding the DB. The team that gains the most points by the end of the round, wins.


Strikes players within a set range. It is activated either automatically or by the number of shots, depending on the selected settings.


Allows the player to restore the health to the value with which they started the round. It should be noted that the medkit does not respawn deactivated players!


Replenishes "ammunition". It is activated by shots or distributed automatically (adjustable in the settings as well as the number of distributed cartridges/magazines).


Respawns deactivated players. To return to the game, the participant must approach the Multistation of his team operating in this mode.


It takes health units from players within the range of the Multistation. When Radiation is enabled nearby, players do not stay in one place, which increases the dynamism of the game.


This mode combines Respawn and Radiation, they alternate at a given frequency. The Base acts as a Respawn point for the players of its team, and the Base hits opponents - taking health units from them.

Control with your phone or tablet, get online statistics

Due to the flexibility of the settings and functionality of the application, you can customize:

Operating modes

Effects range

Damage for deactivation

Recovery duration

Radiation damage

Team distribution

in all corners of the arena

Two speakers with the power of 5 watts, provide a loud, surround sound indication of game events. Thanks to this, the arena is filled with a gaming atmosphere, and players do not miss important events during the round.

Animation of the modes

70% of the target audience of laser tag arenas are children. They are attracted by the brightness and colorfulness of the device. Due to the animation, the game has become clearer, since different modes are read faster.

Scenario options

Adult players appreciate the animation and looks, and also the richness of game scenarios this device provides.