Game-based device Sirius

Game-based device

SIRIUS offers 8 game modes, light tap or shot activation, mobility, and the ability to use in any environment

Touch-Start technology -
touch activation

The player just has to touch the top panel of the device to receive health units, ammunition, and/or other bonuses.

8 modes in one device

You can create an unlimited number of scenarios of varying levels of difficulty. To do this, activate the device in one of the modes and place several SIRIUS devices at different spots on the site.


Used in scenarios where teams must capture and destroy a base located at the starting spot of the teams. It is not easy to do this, because the device protects itself from the opposing team, affecting players with "Radiation" and healing the players of its team!


Brings deactivated participants back into the game, giving them the initial number of health and ammunition units. Please note that the Respawn mode works only on players with no health units, deactivated players.


SIRIUS becomes a " radiation source" that affects players within its range. This mode can be used in a scenario as a base guard or other artifact.


Due to the Medkit, players can restore their health units lost in the fight to their starting levels.


The bonus doubles the number of remaining lives by shooting the SIRIUS. In the next firmware versions for SIRIUS, the collection of bonuses will be updated with new effects.


Players can replenish ammo by simply touching the device with their hands. This allows them to stay in the game longer and significantly increases the dynamics of combat. This mode is useful in scenarios where the amount of ammo is limited.


This mode includes three functions at once: Arsenal, Bonus, and Medkit. At a set interval, the SIRIUS distributes one of the possible bonuses, but the player will be unaware of what the SIRIUS will surprise him with until the last moment!

Digital flag

In this mode, SIRIUS becomes the point for digital flags. There are 3 preset scenarios available with this mode: Race against the clock, Hunt for flags, Capture all flags.

Deactivate SIRIUS
and affect the course of the game!

In most modes, the player has the ability to deactivate the device by shooting it a certain number of times (set in the settings).

For example, having found a Medkit, Arsenal or Respawn on the way, the player can use the bonus, and then deactivate the device with shots so as to leave it useless to his rivals.

And, having stumbled upon a device operating in the Radiation mode, the player can deactivate it before it strikes.

Control SIRIUS via your phone
or tablet, get online statistics

You can choose how you want to control and configure your SIRIUS station: with a Smart Remote or with your Android device. All actions are displayed in the event log, which is especially important for organizers of sports laser tag tournaments.

Flexible settings -
adapt SIRIUS to your game

Due to the flexibility of the application’s settings and functionality, you can customize:

Operating modes

Effects range

Damage to deactivate

Recovery duration

Radiation damage

Team color

SIRIUS is ready
for tough conditions!

More than ten years of experience in the development and production of laser tag equipment allowed us to create a laser tag device that is specially adapted for harsh rental conditions. SIRIUS is capable of withstanding all kinds of loads, whether it is a fall or adverse weather conditions!

Drop and shock resistant body

The dome-shaped body is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, which protects the internal elements in case of impacts, falls from a height of 6.5 ft (2 meters), or if the player steps on it. A protruding bumper around the LED panel provides additional protection from scratches.

Electronics are protected
by vibration-absorbing mounting module

This technology provides resistance to sudden stops from drops, shock, temperature extremes and other loads.

High level protection against moisture and dust. Play in any weather

Monolithic body

Hit sensors, IR emitters, diodes, and a capacitive mode activation sensor are hidden inside a sealed case.

Secure board

The SIRIUS control board is covered with several layers of protective varnish. Playing in the snow, light rain or on a dusty training ground is not a big deal for the SIRIUS station.

Three gaming days without recharging

The Li-ion battery (2600 mAh) provides autonomous operation of the device up to 24 hours. This makes it possible to operate SIRIUS both in indoor and outdoor laser tag conditions, as well as to conduct long-term away games on any terrain.

A new era in laser tag is here is a manufacturer that has managed to provide its partners with an outdoor laser tag system with automated control. In this system, each device can be easily controlled via a phone or a computer, receiving complete statistics of the game on-line.

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