The domination box has 5 modes, which records the capture by shots and time, as well as vividly visualizes the capturing process.


Loud and bright indication of the capture level

LED scales

Display the level of capture. Players can see the capture process from afar, which allows them to quickly adapt the team's game strategy accordingly.

Loud speakers

Each game event is voiced. Thus players will never miss a moment where an enemy team took the lead.

Modes of operation that you can customize and adapt to different scenarios of the game.

Hours of battery life allows you to run hundreds of rounds on a single charge.

Inches (40 centimeters) is the optimal height for the domination box that allows even the youngest visitors to play comfortably.

Bright LEDs that are securely mounted in transparent, impact-resistant PVC columns.

Conditions for a fair game

There is a hit sensor installed on the top panel, as well as emitters that can hit players with radiation if they stay for a long time near the domination box. The design and location of the hit sensor allow you to capture the domination box with shots only from a short distance.

5 modes for an exciting game


Capture by time

A classic mode, in which DB captures and counts the capture time of each team. The winner is the team that holds DB for the set amount of time!


Triple capture

A variation of the classic mode, in which 3 teams participate at the same time. Capture indication for each team occurs separately, which allows you to see the progress of each team even from a distance.


Capture by shots

The domination box counts the number of hits made by each team. Time does not play any role, the main task is to shoot at the upper panel a set number of times. To prevent players from piling up near the device, the domination box hits everyone around it with radiation every 5 seconds.


Tug of war

All three indication areas are simultaneously filled with two colors, showing the progress of capturing each team in real-time. As the game progresses, the dominant team gradually fills the entire scale with their color. The winner is the team that managed to completely fill the scale with their color.


Raising the flag

An alternative to tug-of-war, where time is not taken into account, but the number of shots each team fired. “Raise the flag” will not work without first lowering the opponent's flag. When the first team captures the device, the color scale of this team will grow in proportion to the number of hits. Then, the dominant team fills the scale with its own color, lowering the opponent's flag, and then raising its own flag.


Reliable design

The domination box is lightweight but solid. The body is made of dense plastic, the structure is additionally reinforced with metal tie rods, thanks to which DBs are not afraid of falls and bumps.


Game automation

You can change the settings of the device in the application or apply preset settings by selecting a ready-made script. The session ends automatically when the team has held the point for a set amount of time.



There is a battery installed in the domination box, which provides self-sufficiency for more than 24 hours. Because of this, you can carry and install the scenario device in any part of the site.


For laser tag of any format

The scenario device supports operation with game sets for both outdoor and indoor laser tag. Create scenarios to play in any conditions.