Ultrasonic tripwire - mine for laser tag games for sale.


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Ultrasonic tripwire mine

The long-awaited new gadget from LASERTAG.NET: a tripwire mine with ultrasonic motion sensor – a device which can enliven the laser tag and enhance the game with new scenarios. Our design of the tripwire mine with superior functional characteristics makes it the best choice for creating the atmosphere when compared with the existing analogues on the market.

The distinguishing feature of the tripwire mine from LASERTAG.NET is its triggering mechanism actuated by ultrasonic motion sensor located on its front panel. Unlike infrared motion detector which loses part of its functional capabilities in bright sunlight or artificial daylight, the ultrasonic detector operates consistently, no matter how bright the lighting is. In addition, the ultrasonic motion detector has a more focused signal range ensuring the “target acquisition angle” that does not exceed 15 degrees!
The mine is triggered when players cross the area within 4 meters in front of it, which makes it as similar to real analogue as possible.


Dimensions (height, width, thickness)14 cm х 8.4 cm х 9.5 cm
Hitting range10 m
Target acquisition range4 m
Battery typeLi-ion 2.2 Ah
Battery life36 hours
Warranty24 months


The device is fitted with IR emitters (6 pcs. in total) at each side. When actuated, the mine “bursting” radius reaches 10 meters.

There is a hit sensor provided at the mine front panel to allow its disabling. For this purpose, one should hit the sensor 15 times, whereupon the mine would switch from the combat mode to stand-by.

The mine is switched on by the button at the top of its case and becomes “armed” in 5 seconds after switching on. The activation process is accompanied by the signal tone from the side panel speaker and by the light indication; while the front panel LED changes color from green to red. The mine is activated after the LED lights up with red and goes out, and signal tone stops.

When a player crosses the area in front of the mine sensor within 4 meters, the mine goes off and hits all players within a 10 meters’ radius. Upon actuation, the mine will send 10 hit signals during 3 seconds. The “detonation” is accompanied by a distinctive sound from the speaker.

After the actuation, the mine LED turns green and starts blinking. In order to allow mine reactivation by player, he/she must wait 5 minutes after its actuation; otherwise, instructor/judge can do it immediately. For this purpose, reset the mine using the “New game” button with remote control directed to its front panel, then restart it using the ON/OFF button. When the mine is ready for activation and switches from the stand-by mode to the armed state, the LED starts blinking with blue instead of green color.

The tripwire mine is suitable for any scenario. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Recommended “planting” locations: at building entrances/exits, in doorways, behind corners, covers, bushes, and trees.