Scenario device that has changed the laser tag game. 8 game modes, “Touch-Start” activation technology, control through a smartphone, online stats, shockproof body for game under any weather conditions.

Time for new laser tag technologies has come. SIRIUS is a device to turn your laser tag club into a territory of new challenges and possibilities for players. 8 game modes, control through smartphone or PC via Wi-Fi, no buttons – one touch activation, team color recognition, adaptive feature – use it in any way and in any kind of scenario. And the most important is that SIRIUS Station works flawlessly both indoor and outdoor.

SIRIUS reacts to touching, shooting, and recognizes team colors!

One of the main advantages that SIRIUS device has is its interactivity. Players should interact with it during the game in order to get bonuses it produces or avoid its attacks.

“Touch-Start” technology is a one-touch activation

SIRIUS is one-of-a-kind laser tag device in the world, reacting to a simple touch. Touch-start technology lets players just touch device front panel to get health points, ammo, and other bonus features.
This technology allowed us to avoid using traditional mechanical button that would break the integrity of the device construction as well as be an extra expandable part. Activation sensor, located inside the SIRIUS Station is well protected from mechanical failures as well as it keeps the solid construction of the game station integral.

8 modes in one device – forget the monotonous game!

SIRIUS solves the main problem of laser tag centers owners – it makes game different for the whole army of regular customers. Activate one of the device game modes and place few SIRIUS Stations all around the game field to be able to create multiple scenarios of different difficulty level.
This version of the device features 8 game modes:

1.  «Base»

Use this mode for scenarios where the fighting teams should capture and destroy the base, located on the opponent’s start point. It is not as easy as it sounds because the device protects itself with “Radiation” as well as respawns the players of its own team.

2.   «Respawn»

Use this mode to bring deactivated players back to game, having given them the initial quantity of health and ammo. Note that this mode works only with deactivated players with no single health point left.

3.  «Radiation»

SIRIUS turns into dangerous device to hit all the players who happen to enter its zone of coverage by taking away their health. Use SIRIUS Station in Radiation Mode as a device to protect the base or as any other type of artefact.

4.  «MedKit»

A wounded player can use “MedKit” to restore his health to the level he had at a starting point of the game.

5.  «Bonus»

Current version of Bonus Mode gives a player a possibility to double number of lives he has left by shooting the device. New versions of SIRIUS software will feature new effects in Bonus mode.

6.   «Ammo»

Players can resume their ammo simply by touching the device. This is how they can play longer as well as increase the intensity of the game. Ammo Mode is a very good solution to use during the games with limited ammo.

7.   «Random»

Random Mode includes 3 features at once – Ammo, Bonus, and MedKit modes. Set the period so that Sirius would start giving one of these bonuses randomly to the players.

8.   «Digital flag»
A new mode for SIRIUS is now available, it allows you to play a popular scenario using a virtual flag. There are 3 preset scripts for this mode: Race against time, Flag Hunting, Capture all flags.

Color matters!

When in Base, Radiation, MedKit, and Respawn Modes Sirius Station can recognize to what team to give the signal. Configure it properly so you would see the central light diodes of the device lit with the color of the chosen team. In case you want to give signal to all the players, you will see the indication panel in the middle of device glowing with all the colors at once.

Deactivate SIRIUS to change the course of game!

Deactivate the device in any of the 7 modes simply by shooting it (number of shots needed can be set). This way of communication with Sirius Station allows players to affect the game process as well as increases the dynamic level of the game.

For example, if a player finds MedKit, Ammo, or Respawn bonus on the way he can use it and afterwards deactivate the device to leave his opponents with no bonuses at all. And if a player finds a station working in the Radiation mode on his way then he can deactivate it before it can affect his health.

Place SIRIUS anywhere

Small size and light weight of the device allow you to place it anywhere you want! Use air-proof mounting hole on its front panel to safely fix SIRIUS Station on both horizontal and vertical surface.

Ultra bright light indication

17 RGB-light-diodes provide bright and clear light indication of each game mode. SMART- animation of this light indication gives players information about game mode, health level, and whether or not the device belongs to any of the teams.

Ultra bright light diodes with reduced power consumption are clear enough even on the bright day light. There’s additional decorative lighting along the body of devices due to which it looks absolutely fantastically in the dark atmosphere of the game maze.

Control with a Remote Control, Smartphone or PC

Choose one out of three ways you can control and change settings of the SIRIUS Station (with a Remote Control, through Android based mobile device, or through a Windows application on your

PC. Download the updated software right now!

High-speed control through Wi-Fi!

SIRIUS is the only device for indoor and outdoor laser tag that can be controlled through phone, tab, or PC. Inbuilt Wi-Fi module allows one to change settings of few stations in just few seconds. Control the device even if you have no experience of working with technical devices.

SIRIUS in online statistics

Use the application to get real-time game statistics of to see how players interact with the SIRIUS Station. Actions log also displays all game actions, giving useful tools for those who deal with running and organization of sport laser tag tournaments.

Adjustable settings – adapt SIRIUS Station to your game

Use explicit functions of the application to set the following features:

  • how often each mode will be active
  • how many shots you need to make to deactivate the device
  • how long it takes for the device to get regenerated after deactivation
  • color of the team, getting bonuses
  • number of health and ammo points, given by the device

SIRIUS is ready for tough game!

More than 10 years of experience in launching and running our own clubs helped us to create a laser tag device that is specifically adapted to the harsh renting conditions. SIRIUS can stand anything! Whether those are hits, drops, or severe weather conditions.

Shockproof body

Dome-shaped body of the device is made of shockproof polycarbonate to protect its inner elements in case the device is hit, dropped, or even stepped on by a player. A protective tip around the light-diode panel protects the device from scratches and marks.

Extreme protection from dust and liquid. Play under any weather

The device withstands aggressive conditions also because its body is integral. Hit sensors, IR-emitters, light indication diodes, and activation sensor (instead of the mechanical button) are located inside the body. Just like in all other LASERTAG.NET devices SIRIUS control board is covered with few layers of protective lacquer. Now game under snow, small rain, or on the dusty site will not harm the SIRIUS Station.

Vibration-absorbing module is an additional protection for electronics

We have designed special mounting boards to attach all electronic elements inside the SIRIUS Station with no use of glue. This technology lets electronic elements stand vibrations when hit, dropped, used under changing weather conditions, as well as other physical stress.

Three days of game with no charging

Li-ion battery provides automatic operation of the device up to 24 hours. This feature allows one to use SIRIUS Station for both indoor and outdoor laser tag games, as well as to organize away games anywhere.

And the most important is that SIRIUS Station is already available! Order the new game device by calling our managers!

New age of laser tag has come. Today LASERTAG.NET is the only manufacturer that has granted its clients an outdoor laser tag system with automatic control. This system allows one to easily control each device through a smartphone or a computer, getting full online game stats. Outstanding SIRIUS Station with multiple game modes joined the system straight after the TAGNET game kits and SMART Domination Box.

And the most important is that SIRIUS Station is already available! Become the first one to order the new device by calling us, sending an email or a message in WhatsApp! You can also get a callback for us to get in touch with you ASAP.