Inflatable Bunkers

Sports bunkers

Are shelters that meet all standards of the world's largest paintball leagues, which is why they are considered to be the perfect solution for team training and tournaments of different levels.

Inflatable laser tag bunkers

LASERTAG.NET company is glad to present you with our proprietary products – inflatable tactical laser tag bunkers Airbunker Tactical and Airbunker Tactical-W.

Features of AIRBUNKER inflatable bunkers:

  • Bunkers consist of an inflatable balloon and a PVC screen
  • High material strength (680g/m2)
  • Strong seams (seams are glued with high-strength adhesive, not welded)
  • Operable at any time of the year
  • One structure is inflated in 1 minute
  • Easy, quick installation and grounds assembly
  • Abundance of combinations of structures to form bunkers
  • Option to have the structures marked with your logo
  • 18 PVC material color options (including camouflage)
  • Water-filled structures production option
*Water-filled structures carry ballast of water in the bottom compartment, making it stand steady in relation to the horizontal surface, thereby eliminating the need for any additional anchoring.

The inflatable AIRBUNKER fields comes as a set of 5 types of bunkers:

The inflatable AIRBUNKER fields comes as a set of 5 types of bunkers:
  • Hight wall
  • Low wall
  • Window
  • Wedge
  • Corner
The distinctive feature of the Airbunker Tactical-W bunkers is that they come with the screen on both sides + additional stiffening ribs. The set of the Airbunker Tactical-W bunkers consists of 6 types of structures since in addition to the above structures we added one more – the “doorway” structure.

Inflatable bunkers can be used:

  • As stationary play fields
  • For hosting visiting games: in the nature, in sports halls, on the beaches, in the street or even in office buildings
  • For arranging various promotional events and tournaments

With the inflatable fields you will be able:

  • To hold visiting events of the highest level (games, corporate parties, birthday parties)
  • To enhance and improve your service (with these grounds you can host games in any locations and at any time of the year)
  • To increase your average check when hosting your events