Multistation is a gaming device that will change your understanding of the laser tag arena once and forever. LASERTAG.NET has not only put the features of different laser tag devices together but also implemented the technologies that turned the new Multistation into an interactive & user-friendly piece to be remembered!  

Multistation aims to solve one of the main problems of the laser tag arenas owners – it enriches the collection of gaming scenarios, attracts new visitors & entertains the existing ones. The device will also do another thing – make your arena is an outstanding and identifiable place.

Game modes 7
Range of action Up to 33 ft. / 10 meters
Control & Configuration ARENA software, Smart Remote Control
Sound effects Available. 2 inbuilt speaker (5W each)
LED-scales Length – 7.6 in. / 192 mm

Width – 7.6 in. / 192 mm

Power supply Plug in (220V) or use a power bank
Dimensions Length 15 in. / 390 mm

Width – 14.7 in. / 375 mm

Height – 3 in. / 75 mm

Weight 3.5 lb. / 1 600 gr.

Animated game modes indication

The Multistation features 10.6 in. / 27 cm LED-scales, displaying working mode in an animated manner. Being large enough the display shows really detailed animated pictures of a high quality that can be seen from afar even during a highly dynamic game. The player clearly understands what to do with the device: shoot, come closer to recharge himself or run away.     

7 game modes

The Multistation features all the necessary components to support and create the gaming scenarios of any difficulty.   

Domination Box Mode

It is the most popular mode for laser tag games. The Domination Box is what teams fight for. Capture and domination give them points and the team who has more is the winner!

Domination Box Mode

At the very beginning of the round the LED-scales will display the white ring on the black background. When shooting the Domination Box the ring will gradually be filled up with the color of the shooting team. This process will last till the ring turns into a complete circle of one color – this is the moment the Domination Box starts counting the domination time.   

Bomb  Mode

This mode hits the players that are within the Multistation IR emitters range of action. It can be on automatically or after the set number of shots – everything depends on the Multistation Settings.   


The initial picture is a bomb with a match attached. When activated the match starts burning and get shorter (the “burning” mode can be set manually) to finally explode with a matching sound.  

MedKit Mode   

When in this mode the Multistation will restore the “health” players have, meaning add health points as often and as many as you configure it to do in the ARENA program.

MedKit Mode

The animation of the MedKit Mode displays a red pulsing cross (gradually growing thicker and then thinner, as a heartbeat).

Ammo Mode

This mode will restore the ammo of the players. Activate it either with a shot or set it to work automatically. You can configure this feature as well as the quantity of bullets or magazines given to the players.    

Ammo Mode

The LED-scales display three bullets that roll away each time the player restores his ammunition. Sound effects can be of two types: a sound of the working assembly line when the “bullets roll away” & a typical clash when the guns are recharged.

Respawn Mode   

Brings “dead” players back to life. To do it a player should get into the Multistation range of action. And the Multistation should work in the Respawn mode, active for the players of his team.   

Respawn Mode

Visually the mode is shown with the silhouette of the person fit into the circle made of two pointing lines. This is a very clear animation to indicate the Respawn mode. 

Radiation Mode

This mode takes away the health of the player who happens to be in the IR emitters range of action. Thus the game becomes more dynamic – players do not stay on the same positions when there is an active Radiation Mode.

Radiation Mode

The LED-scales display the Radiation sign. It rotates when active. The mode is accompanied with the cracking sound like the own produced by the Geiger counter.   

Base mode

This mode combines the Respawn and Radiation ones, interchanged with the set period of time (2 seconds and more). The Base works as a Respawn point for the players of its team (distinguished by the color) while everybody else gets the dose of Radiation, losing their health points.

Base mode

The goal is easy – destroy the opponent. When shot the Base loses its lives till it is completely destroyed.

The Base is back to game though after a set period of time.

At the very beginning the Base shows the flag of its team. When destroyed players will hear and see the animated explosion that is followed with the crossed out picture of flag.

Free update of the Multistation in 20 seconds

When the new modes for the Multistation are out you will not need to buy the new device. It is enough to update the firmware of the existing one – it will contain all the new features. Do it wirelessly through Wi-Fi – it will take you just 20 seconds.    

Control & Configuration

Control the Multistation using ARENA software or the SMART Remote Control. Switch, set, change, or update the game modes.

For each of the 7 modes mentioned you can set the number of times it will be active during one round, the range of the device action (IR diodes strength), and volume of the sounds.

You can also set the color of the team that will be affected by each particular mode, excluding the Domination Box mode – the Domination Box can be captured by all the teams.   

Recommended quantity

We recommend to have 3-4 Multistations for one laser tag arena. Why? You will need at least 2 to respawn the players. For this function you will use it in the “Respawn” or “Base” mode (choose any of the two or set one Multistation to be the Base and the other one as a Respawn point – depending on your imagination or the chosen scenario).

Place 1-2 Multistations (depending on the size of your arena) to be the source of adrenaline and pepper for the players – just choose the scenario suiting your idea. For example, choose the Domination Box mode (if you have 3 Multistations in total) or both Domination Box & Bomb (if you have 4 Multistations).

When talking about the maximum recommended quantity then there are no limits. You can actually put it into each corner of you arena. The most important is to consider its size, maze scheme, and pick up the best locations for Multistation(s).  


Two Multistations, working in Respawn or/and Base modes are placed on the start lines of both teams (usually those are the opposite sides of the arena). Another one (or two) are placed in the middle of the arena.

If you have 5 or more Multistations then you should locate them evenly so the players would remember the locations they pass often for being original – having something new each time. For this reason you can easily use all 7 modes that the Multistation has. Thus you can turn on different modes each time (for example, Radiation in the first round, MedKit in the next one and so on).       

Install the Multistation on any surface  4.9 – 5.5 ft. / 1.5 – 2 m. high

It is 15 in. / 390 mm. long, 14.7 in. / 375 mm. thick, and 3 in. / 75 mm. high.   

+1 to the Visual Appeal Rate

Trunslucten body of the Multistation features decorative light indication on the perimeter, big LED-scales in the middle (7.5 in. x 7.5 in. / 19.2 cm. x 19.2 cm.), and two speakers (5 W each) for ambisonic sound. All these features fill the arena up with gaming atmosphere that is very difficult to be created when using traditiional decorative tools. Visual and sound effects really stand out – the players remember them and get the emotions that will make them come back to your arena for the great game over and over again.

The Multistation will become a competitive advantage of your laser tag arena!    

LASERTAG.NET tests each new device in its own laser tag clubs & arenas. And only after it has proven its efficiency and functional power it is oficially released on the market. The Multistation has collected many positive reviews!

Children form 70% of the players on laser tag arenas. They are attracted with an interactive and fantastic device. They also immediately recorgnize what to do with it and thus appreciate its user-friendly features. It helps them to move in the arena easier and thus quickly decide where and when to go when seeing the acting mode on the Multistation display. The adult players in turn appreciate also the wide choice of different scenarios offered by the device.

The Multistation will become the most special feature of your laser tag arena and thus its competitive advantage. It will attract new visitors and make the existing ones loyal.

LASERTAG.NET grants you the technologies that will quickly and easily solve the most difficult tasks of your laser tag arena!