PRO RGB-vest with hit sensors

We present you the PRO version of the RGB-vest with hit sensors produced by LASERTAG.NET

Functionally the vest is similar to the RGB-headband and is a modified version of the classic RGB vest with hit sensors. It is a great choice for entourage fans or those players who prefer a vest to a headband. There are two color options of the vest: classic black and military one. 


Let’s learn more about the main characteristics and features of this laser tag equipment, which make it an excellent alternative to the traditional headband.

There are 7 sensors of hitting on the vest: 2 on the chest, 2 on the shoulder covers and 3 on the back. Sensors are placed in such a way that the hitting area is 360 degrees (both horizontally and vertically).

RGB-module built into each sensor provides color detection (blue, red, yellow or green color), distinguishing players of different teams from each other .

The vest 3-layer textile base makes it water-resistant and ready to withstand severe conditions of active usage at any time of the year, as well as keeps it comfortable for both adults and children. 

The ajustable straps allow to fit the player’s vest size in the most comfortable way.

The vest maintains a wireless communication with the laser tag gun – just like the RGB-band.