Free software is used to control and record the statistics of laser tag equipment. Applications allow you to use ready-made scenarios or create your own ones with the help of a constructor. Conducting games is automated, allowing you to spend a minimum of time on preparation, as well as simplify the work of staff.


The laser tag software program supports management over game kits. It can help to assign them by teams, monitor the battery levels and control audio effects of built-in speakers. To activate a kit in the program, it is enough to turn it on and the connection will be set automatically. While assigning blasters and vests to the teams, diodes take on the color of the selected team. If the kit is not used in the current game, it will run into energy saving ‘sleep’ mode.


Despite the wide functionality of our software, we have tried to make the program operational and intuitively understandable so that even an inexperienced user could run the game. We also took into account the ability to change game rules in the course of action: to add and remove players, to pause, and to send various commands to kits.


The current version of software supports game with up to four teams and offers five types of scenario: ‘Death match’, ‘Vampire’, ‘Team game’, ‘Capture of domination box’ and ‘Base capture’. Details of the scenarios, such as healing, ammunition, the possibility of respawn, utility box modes could be changed. Custom scenarios can be saved and used as an alternative to the standard.


ARENA software program supports wide opportunities of working with the stats. The current data of players and the overall results of the teams at the end of the game session are displayed in the corresponding section. Stats can be sent to print, converted to Excel format or saved in its initial format, so that the players can download it and continue the contest during their next visit to the arena.


We made an extended section with the fiscal statistics – a useful tool for accounting business dedicated to the owners of laser tag arenas. The information about all of the games and game kits that were used is fixed in our software. This statistic allows you to monitor equipment rental and only the owner of the arena has access to it.


Arena laser tag is not just a tactical game, but an exciting action game, accompanied by bright flashes and sound effects! When developing the laser tag software program, we paid particular attention to the audio configurations to enable each arena to create its own atmosphere: pick up and save playlists for each scenario, as well as the playlist with background music to the briefing zone. Kits for laser tag arena have built-in speakers and a set of standard audio signals that can be changed to your taste with the help of the program. There is also a possibility to play voice comments on the events taking place at the location.


ARENA software program supports output to a second monitor. A second monitor, TV or projector can be placed in the briefing zone to make waiting by other teams for their turn more pleasant, and to please the fans or attract the attention of casual visitors and tourists. Some clubs place a second monitor directly in the gaming arena, so that the players can watch the current stats. Information is shown in the traditional style of computer ‘shooters’ on the second display. In the background, the screen will display the video: you can translate either the one suggested by default, or you can run ads of your arena. Output function for a second monitor is implemented using the MONITOR OUT program, which is included in the software package. The program is portable and does not require installation on a hard disk.


High-speed and interference-proof Wi-Fi technology is used for communication between the equipment and host server (read more). This gives the advantage of the LASERTAG.NET system compared to systems of other manufacturers of laser tag arenas using the radio. Wi-Fi connection provides fast and smooth operation of equipment and ARENA program in the context of dynamic game.