Lasertag Arena – The Arena Laser Tag Windows App

The Lasetag ARENA Windows app allows owners to control all the processes that occur inside the laser tag arena and even more. With it, you can not only configure and run equipment in the game, but also create your own scenarios, collect fiscal statistics and control the arena’s audio system.
You can download the software for your laser tag arena here.



The key features of the Lasertag ARENA app

Using the windows application, you can not only configure equipment, but also effectively control all the processes in the laser tag arena:
  • Set up and launch laser tag equipment. Control both game and technical parameters of the game sets and scenario devices.
  • Differentiate access rights for different employees of your arena.
  • Create your own game scenarios, or use the set of stories we made.
  • Monitor all the sessions of your club, their duration, the number of sets involved, with the possibility of further analysis.
  • Remotely control the audio system, as well as set your own sound effects.

“Game Scenes” section

This is the first section that you will see when you start the application. It is used to configure game kits before a session. Preparation for the game consists of the following steps:
  1. The scenario
    Select a scenario that your visitors will play. You can use the scripts prepared by us, or create your own using a flexible constructor. After selecting a scenario you will see a brief description of the game mechanics, the number of used scenario devices and the duration of the game.

  2. Distribution of the game sets
    After selecting a scenario, you can proceed with the distribution of the game sets between teams. You can do this manually, or using automatic sorting. Automatic sorting is a great way to quickly distribute players, without offending anyone, because everything is decided by chance.

  3. To quickly redistribute the game sets click on the “Recycle Bin” icon to delete players from teams, and then return to “automatic sorting” again.

Scenario constructor

You can use the package of ready-made scenarios, modify them or create your own.
For greater convenience when creating a scenario we divided all the parameters into several sections, in each of which you specify certain parameters and conditions.


Here you can configure the basic parameters: the name of the scenario, the number of teams and their names, the duration of the session. Also choose which settings to use: general, team or individual. In the same section there is a “gear” icon, which opens the game kits settings window.


The flexible settings of our software allow you to change the following parameters of game kits:
  • Health units;
  • The number of magazines and cartridges;
  • The rate of fire and damage;
  • Time of shock, invulnerability;
  • The percentage of differential damage (the level of damage that is applied to different parts of the game kit), etc.


In this section you can enable such game mechanics as:
  • Friendly fire (the ability to inflict damage on teammates);
  • Zombie mode (when you deactivate opponents, you will add them to your team);
  • Vampire mode (turning damage done into health points).


Select the number of scenario devices involved: SMART domination boxes, Multistation, and SIRIUS. Individually configure their
  • Game parameters:
  • Mode;
  • Range of action;
  • The volume of sound notifications, as well as other parameters inherent only to certain scenario devices.


This section sets the number of points awarded for hitting opponents, deactivating them, and also for various ways of interacting with scenario devices. The value of points can be negative, which allows you to create special conditions for the game (for example, to take points for deactivating an opponent, which will encourage players to hit, but not deactivate opponents).


After configuring all the parameters, you can proceed to setting the condition for ending the session:
  • The capture of the domination box (number of captures, total capture time, getting a certain number of points by capture);
  • Hits in SIRIUS (the number of hits in SIRIUS needed to win the round);
  • The last team standing (the team wins if it remains the only one at the arena);
  • The base is destroyed (the termination condition in which you need to destroy the enemy’s base);
  • The bomb is detonated or deactivated (the game will end if the Multistation in bomb mode explodes or it gets deactivated.
After setting all the parameters, you can save the scenario by clicking the corresponding button. If you see that it turned out to not be the most successful game mode, you can delete it by clicking on the “Recycle Bin”.

Game control

After choosing a script and forming a team, you can start the game. You can do this in the “Game Control” section (in the menu on the left, the “Joystick” icon). Using this section you can:
  • Set a delayed start time for the session;
  • Start the game;
  • Stop the session;
  • Pause the session;
  • Track round time;
  • View the selected scenario and its duration;
  • View the session log (game events and their time).
The functions described above allow you to spend less time preparing for the game, and have just one instructor for games.

Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar is more technical, it is displayed in all the sections. Using it, you can control the technical/game parameters of the arena laser tag equipment:
  • What kits and devices are involved in this scenario;
  • ID and firmware version;
  • The operation mode of scenario devices;
  • Battery Level.
In this menu, you can also remotely interact with the kits (double health units, deactivate, apply a first-aid kit) and perform other quick manipulations.
The quick access toolbar is fixed in each section of the application, so that the instructor or administrator of the arena can always control the connected equipment.

Game statistics

The game statistics section opens after clicking on the item with the image of the “Round diagram”. Here you can view personal statistics of players and their achievements for the last game, or for all the sessions held in general.
The chart with personal statistics displays:
  • Damage caused and received;
  • The number of hits and accuracy percentage;
  • The number of interactions with scenario devices and a lot of other indicators interesting for players.


At the end of the session, the best players receive achievements that match their playing style. For example, a player who has completed the longest series of deactivations receives the “Combo” achievement, and for the largest number of captures the “Dominator” title. There are two principles for the distribution of ranks:
  • “Sports principle” – one player can receive an unlimited number of achievements;
  • “By value” – a player can receive only one rank.
Game statistics can be printed, displayed in a spreadsheet for Excel, or imported / exported from a special format file.

Sound effects

You can get in the menu for working with sounds by clicking on the “Note” in the side menu on the left. Here you can change the background sound of the audio system installed in the arena. You can set:
  • Sounds of game events;
  • Sound indication of interaction with scenario devices.
Before setting your own sounds, you can listen to them in the built-in player.
The ability to replace sounds with your own is a great advantage, since you can create a sound that matches the theme of your arena. For example, you can use the sound effects from popular games or movies close to the theme of your laser tag arena.

Fiscal statistics

To deal with fiscal statistics, click on “Lock” located in the left menu. This section displays the complete statistics of the sessions in the format of a chart:
  • Date;
  • Game start time;
  • Game end time;
  • Script title;
  • Script duration;
  • The actual duration of the game;
  • The number of sets involved.
After the sessions, you can export the chart to Excel, send it to the server (it will be available in future updates), or delete it.
To effectively monitor the activity of your laser tag arena, we recommend that you oblige your administrator to save statistics at the end of each day. The ability to constantly receive up-to-date data on the activities of the arena will allow you to readily monitor, and analyse the work efficiency of your arena.


To open the “Settings” section, click on the “gear” in the menu on the left. This section was created for the technical setup of the laser tag equipment and software.


The application log is displayed on top of the section. And also the events and time are recorded.
You can quickly change the language of the application. It is currently available in Russian, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. Switching the language takes a few seconds.All languages are already preinstalled, you do not need to contact the tech support or additionally download it.


The tab is intended for a quick, remote change of ID of different game sets and scenario devices. Just turn on the desired game kit in standby mode, and then select its ID and indicate which one to replace it with. To confirm the change of ID click the button with the “circular arrow”. Then turn off and turn on the kit in standard mode. At the same point, you can set the device in Boot mode, which is necessary for updating the firmware.


Here you can configure the TV OUT connection, an application that allows you to display statistics and game events on a large screen. The parameters are initially set correctly, you do not need to change or configure anything to get started.
The setting of the player statistics form is also available in this tab. After adding your club’s contact information, as well as logos, click the save button to make changes.
Printed forms with personal statistics are not only an encouragement for players, but also an additional advertisement for your laser tag arena.
On the bottom of this section, you can reset all the installed player names in one click.


The tab allows you to differentiate access rights of different employees of your laser tag arena, just check the corresponding box. We envisaged the possibility of using the software by three categories of users:
  • The Owner
    The owner has access to all the sections and functions of the ARENA application.

  • The Administrator
    The administrator does not have access to fiscal statistics or the “Permissions”menu tab.

  • The Operator
    The operator cannot change the time of the round, edit scripts, change the settings of kits and additional devices. The operator has limited access to the “fiscal statistics”, “settings”, and “access rights” tabs.
The arena owner sets different passwords for each category of users, and then applies the changes with the corresponding button. The next time you start the program, the user will need to enter a password that will give him the rights of the “Operator”, “Administrator” or “Owner” . To prevent fraud, we recommend using a strong “Owner” password, and to not disclose it to anyone.
Fill in the fiscal statistics data fields to be able to send statistics to the server. As mentioned earlier, at the moment this function is not available!


At the moment, using the Lasertag ARENA Windows application, you can interact with the GALAXY game sets, as well as the GALAXY PULSE. In the future, it is planned to create new laser tag systems with even wider functionality. To work with them, a new application for the Android operating system will be created. This will significantly increase mobility, as you can use a tablet or smartphone instead of a desktop.
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