FALCON F1 is one of FALCON game set models, designed specifically for children. This shorter rifle version is fully adapted for the youngest laser tag players. It is a unique piece of equipment which is tailored specifically for the youngest laser tag fans with the goal of ensuring comfortable and safe play for them.


Length54 cm/21 in.
Weight900 gr/2 lb.
Optimum shooting range 200 m/656ft
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery life24-48 h
Miles Tag compatibility yes
Graphic LCD screen (optional)yes
Protective tip (optional)yes
Vibration recoil (optional) yes
Warranty24 months
* Price only for tagger, headband with sensor should be bought separately

Laser tag arena owners observe that the percentage share of young laser tag players has gone up significantly over the last 3 years.

We, too, can trace the trend in our arena’s statistics: *the figures for “children” refer to customers younger than 14 years of age. Considering this fact, we arrived at the conclusion that it would not be a good strategy to lose or disregard this customer category. Thus, for any fully-fledged laser tag arena, it is important to have the laser tag equipment  that is both capable of ensuring an easy and comfortable play for children under 10 years and capable of withstanding intensive rental use.

Having all these factors in mind and many years of experience at our arena, we decided to create a model that will both comply with the requirements of arena owners and satisfy the needs of the thousands-strong army of young customers.


Due to its ergonomic design, FALCON F1 provides an excellent grip even for 5-year old kids. As practice has shown, when playing with regular models, kids had to constantly hold laser tag rifles in their hands, which, even given the low weight of the rifles, still led to fatigue building up in their arms as early as 20-30 minutes after the start of the game.

Otherwise, when playing with buttstock guns, the length of the weapon did not allow a child to rest the buttstock against his or her shoulder thus forcing the child to place it on his or her neck, which is a very unnatural and uncomfortable play position for children.

Having a length of 54 cm (21.3 in.) and weighing 900 g (2 lb.), the F1 was specifically designed in a way to allow kids to either easily hold the weapon in their hands or to rest it against their shoulders, when necessary. Having the flexibility to do that, young customers will not get tired and will be much happier, even after playing for 2 hours.


Durability, Reliability, Usability

The gun is made of shock-resistant ABS plastic. The casing is reinforced with stiffening ribs in order to protect from the high intensity of the rental use: blows, bends, and compressions. The power and reload buttons are recessed in the gun’s casing preventing their accidental pressing.

It is important to note that the tube of the optical system is built into the gun’s casing, while the casing itself has no protruding, loose or removable elements. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the gun from impact or hands of curious customers. The robust casing design ensures its long service life.