We are happy to announce that our new FALCON laser tag gun model is now available for order. The FALCON gun features the proprietary design by LASERTAG.NET, modeled after a weapon from the iconic video game – Mass Effect.



Length54 cm/21.3 in66 cm/30 in66 cm/30 in
Weight900 gr/2 lb.1 kg/2.2 lb.1.8 kg/4 lb.
Optimum shooting range 200 m/656ft200 m/656ft200 m/656ft 
Battery type Li-ionLi-ionLi-ion
Battery life24-48 h24-48 h24-48 h
Miles Tag compatibilityyesyesyes
Graphic LCD screen (additional option)yesyesyes
Protective tip (optional)yesyesyes
Vibration recoil (optional)yesyesyes
Impulse recoil (optional)noyesyes
Price (euro)599599
Warranty24 month24 month24 month
*Price for laser tag gun only, headband with sensor is sold separately

We spent one whole year meticulously designing this laser tag gun. We put all our collective efforts into creating a laser tag gun model that would meet the needs of a laser tag business in the best way: reliability, utility, usability, payback period of 3 to 12 months.


One of the most remarkable benefits of this laser tag gun is the robust design of its casing. It is made of shock-proof ABS plastic, has no loose, removable or protruding parts and is equipped with a telescopic system’s tube embedded in the gun’s casing. These design features ensure its durability and capacity to withstand rough rental conditions. The durability of this model was further enhanced by a carefully designed, robust mounting system for electronic components which ensures reliable protection of all inner elements.

This laser tag gun is available in three models:

  • “FALCON F1” – is a short version of the laser tag rifle for kids. Weighing 900 g/2 lb. and having a length of 54 cm/21.3 in., it offers comfortable game experience even for 5-year old kids. (More details about FALCON F1).


  • FALCON F2 – is the basic model of the laser tag rifle. Weighing 900 g/2 lb. and having a length of 66 cm/30 in., this laser tag rifle features ergonomic design that makes it the best choice of the laser tag weapon for 85% of players.


  • “FALCON F2 Military”  
  • “FALCON F3” – is a modification of the laser tag rifle with a reinforced metal frame. Weighing 1.8 kg/4 lb. and having a length of 66 cm/30 in., this laser tag weapon offers utmost durability due to the steel frame embedded into its casing. Also, the steel frame makes this rifle model heavier for true laser tag fans, because its weight approximates the weight of the real combat weapon.


While working on the laser tag rifle’s casing, our design team focused specifically on ergonomic aspects in order to achieve ultimate usability. Our research and development efforts involved extensive testing of a series of experimental models in our laser tag arena, resulting in the final design that appeals to every age group and offers a comfortable grip for both adults and kids.

Players can deliver very precise targeting of opponents either through the sight leaf or through any red dot sight or scope that can be attached to the Picatinny in the upper part of the gun’s casing.

In addition to its sleek futuristic design, FALCON gun has extended functionality with its technologically-advanced modern software, 21 sound effects, a feedback function, 5 game modes, a powerful speaker nested in the specifically designed socket, which provides loud and realistic sound, and compatibility with the international Miles Tag 2 protocol, which allows running games on equipment from third party manufacturers. The telescopic system with an emitter integrated in the casing of the laser tag gun allows hitting targets at a distance of up to 200 meters/328 feet.

With its ultimate utility and usability, FALCON is bound to become the new industry standard of laser tag guns, perfect for rental business.

FALCON Crash Test