Having released the first indoor laser tag system in 2015 LASERTAG.NET didn’t stay complacent.

We have analyzed the target audience of our arena laser tag centers, collected feedback from both customers and players, and thus developed a completely new GALAXY indoor system.

The typical arena laser tag game kit includes a blaster, shooting with an IR ray, and a vest, featuring hit sensors. The blaster and vest are connected by a special cable.

Typical arena laser tag game kit includes a blaster, shooting with an IR ray, and a vest, featuring hit sensors. Blaster and vest are connected with a special cable.

indoor laser tag game kit

Creating the GALAXY system we have kept the best features of the previous ones as well as added the new ones – those that both players and laser tag clubs owners have been dreaming about!

According to statistics, children form 60% of all laser tag arenas flow of customers. This is why we have ultimately adapted a new generation system for junior players.
We have made the vest smaller, advanced the safe game system, as well as implemented new technological features to increase the game engagement level.

Diverse game with maximal engagement level

One of the main challenges that our developers were dealing with was to create a really capturing laser tag system for the players. Because it is the engagement level together with unique game opportunities and excitement that makes customers come back to your laser tag club over and over again.

GALAXY laser tag system is going to be your key to surpass the competitors. Starting with a multicolored blaster screen and proceeding to the scenarios presets with an extended game stats.

Multicoloured IPS screen displays 3 times more information in color!

multicolored OLED display

Each blaster features a multicolored IPS screen. This feature increases the game engagement process to the highest level.

GALAXY laser tag system features 3 screen modes for the players:

  • Pre-game one displays initial parameters to start the game round;
  • Game mode displays actual player’s info during the game round;
  • Post-game one displays game statistics after the game is over.

The screen also displays game kit settings for the laser tag arena administrators, including battery level, game kit ID and connection status.

There are 10 values that are displayed on the screen at once: dynamic health and ammo level scales, number of successful hits, type of weapon, rating and much more.

If a player breaks the rules and stops holding his blaster with both hands the screen will display an warning.
Information displayed on the IPS screen is easily seen at any angle. A 6-mm protective glass provides additional structural reliability.


Laser illumination of the shot – shoot impressively!

What can look more impressively than a red blaster ray, cutting the game maze space during a laser combat?
Unique shot laser illumination technology creates the necessary atmosphere on your laser tag arena. We only use a certified class 1 laser so your customers could play safely!

Dynamic shot illumination makes a game twice brighter!

Together with a laser shot illumination feature there is also a dynamic blaster body illumination. Blaster light indication is in synch with each shot so each time a player pulls the trigger light impulses go along the weapon body.
This illumination looks especially impressively in the dark halls of a maze, both pleasing the players and creating a Star Wars atmosphere.

Ready presets and scenarios configurator – implement your own rules!

Our own experience proved that one group of customers usually plays 3 different  types of game during 1 visit.
This is why the variety of games you can suggest to your visitors affects the popularity and traffic of you laser tag arena directly.

12 scenarios for laser tag games

In the current version of Windows software you will find 12 exciting missions that will help diversify the games in your arena. All you need to do is adjust chosen scenario to your arena by changing the parameters (settings for players, the number of scenario devices that you are going to use, etc.) and click “Start game”.

Even if you completely run out of available scenarios or your customers ask something unusual you can simply use thr scenario configurator to find a solution just in a couple of seconds.

The Scenario configurator allows one to set a condition to finish the game round (whether it’s a score reached, device captured or any other action), set start settings for each of the teams, adjust fine setting of fire rate, option of automatic respawn, ammo refill, and many other options.

When setting new game scenarios you can consider the age of the players, their experience and fitness level. Taking into account this information you can create more complicated or simplified gaming conditions.

Multistation + SIRIUS – games with no limits!

Use additional devices such as SIRIUS & The Multistation to increase game interest level for both new and regular visitors.
These devices are also actively used in the scenario configuration. Use them to create dozens of new game options & involve players into game process through their interactivity & multiple modes.

Тhis way you can, for example, place an additional device on your arena in “Base”, “MedKit”, “Bomb” or any other mode and thus create new conditions based on the mode set. Each device can hit, heal or give bonuses to players. Game stations work automatically or can be activated by shooting or touching them.

Extended online statistics displays game results in 3 formats

Real-time stats displays both players & teams data, including the number of hits, given & received wounds, number of bases captures and so on, game log & the active mode of each scenario device used.

This you can directly see during the game whom each particular player hit and how he was interacting with a scenario device.
TV-out feature is used to display game log on big monitors, located in a briefing or leisure zone. Thus fans or waiting players can follow the game process & actively support one of the teams.

This way they won’t get bored & will feel involved in a game. Moreover, waiting players can follow & learn tactical movements of other game participants. TV-OUT will increase interest & stimulate even those who came just to support other players.

At the end of a game you will see the best player and the winner, as well as the game log with everything that happened during the game. When the game is over you can upload stats to social groups of your club, print them on an official letterhead and/or give to players.

Printed version of stats can come in three types: personal statistics of the player, team results, and cross stats, revealing which of the opponents was more a victim or aggressor.

All these features increase the general interest towards the laser tag game, hold the enthusiasm of players, and stimulate them to tell their friends about your club as well as to come back for a game over and over again.

Multichannel sound and new sound effects range – hear each action!


LASERTAG.NET sound designers have developed more than 30 new sound effect particularly for the GALAXY laser tag system. Those sound effects include hit feedback sound, weapon recharge, personalized sounds for each hero, wound and deactivation sounds, shot sound collection, base status and other logs.

All those sounds can be set through the special Windows software. Multiple sound technology allows to play few sounds at the same time so you don’t miss any game action.

New reliability level

Equipment stays integral, functional and keeps its presentable look even after you run 1000 games!

Wear-proof size-adjusting vest

The new generation vest is made of CORDURA MAXI material. It’s density is 50% higher compared to its equivalents, being 1200 gr/sq.m.

At the same time the vest is flexible enough to comfortably cover the body of a player and hard enough to keep its shape and presentable look even when used for more than 5 years.

The vest size is designed for the main visitors – children. Use adjustable straps to make it comfortable to fit adult players.

Vest lining does not absorb sweat, smell and can be easily cleaned with a sponge. Thus you can easily run dozens of games without using any additional lining or wasting time and money to service the equipment.

Shock-proof sensors bodies for the harsh everyday use

The hit sensors bodies are made of polycarbonate. It is a shock-proof material that protects the inner electronic devices from mechanical damage as well as prevents any ingress of dust and moisture.

Light and vibration indication makes a player see and feel each “wound” when he is hit.

Advanced dynamic lighting makes the game really impressive while at the same time it is very user-friendly for each user to see the status of the game kit: standby mode, game, wound, hit, hero mode, etc.

Firm blaster-vest joint prevents mechanical damage

GALAXY laser tag kit feature blaster and vest that are interconnected with a strengthened cord. This cord does not cling to bunkers or other players. It is safely protected with an armed cover to exclude possible mechanical damage such as bends or jerks.

Game safety

We have always been led by the principle that the safety of visitors has to be the first priority. GALAXY system technologies turn it into the safest system available on the market.

Body of the blaster is perfectly reliable

There are 11 anti-hit connecting points on the blaster body that is made of shock-proof polypropylene. Polypropylene is pressure-, chip-, shock-proof and it withstands all kinds of emotions from your visitors.

The blaster design is strengthened with reinforcing ribs and shock-proof braces for electronic elements.
A safety belt makes it possible to fix the blaster on the vest during the game or when storing the game kit – it is impossible for the blaster to drop to the ground this way.

Safe blaster design – game with no injuries

Integral blaster body has no extrusive, movable or decorative elements which could injury or scratch players.
Blaster illumination is a real protection against collisions
Safe game is additionally provided with bright blaster body illumination, allowing players avoid collisions in a dark maze of laser tag arena.

Multi-directional second-hand sensor blocks violation of rules

One of the safety rules of indoor laser tag games is the need to hold a blaster with both hands to shoot.
Unlike optical sensor used by most of the laser tag equipment producers GALAXY system features a multi-directional capacitive sensor that activates the blaster by touching its bottom part (fore-end) in any place.

This feature completely guarantees that it will work from a light touch even by young players.

Protective tip to smoothen hits

Each blaster features a protective 8-mm thick rubber tip.
This rubber tip smoothens hits during sudden collisions or falls. It is available in the standard black or another color in order to mark the teams.

GALAXY laser tag system is a key to profitability of your business

GALAXY system features all the elements and technologies necessary to provide a fast and failure-proof operation of the laser tag arena.

Automated games – use the time to the fullest

Use an inbuilt timer to set the time of start and end of the game. The program will work by itself. Thus your workers do not need to follow the time and be distracted till end the game on time.

Optimized time consumption gives you an opportunity to run games non-stop with no down time due to organizational moments between game sessions.
If you forget to switch off the game kits they will go off by themselves in 5 minutes to save the battery for further game sessions.

Complete control of equipment operation

Control module featured in GALAXY laser tag system allows the owner to completely control his business and his staff. There is information about time, duration, number of games run with each game kit and other options which will prohibit the possibility to run unapproved games.

Wi-Fi technologies for remote control, one-moment update, and immediate equipment-teams responses

GALAXY laser tag system uses Wi-Fi channel to send a signal from the control center to the equipment. This way the equipment immediately responds to the commands and the firmware is updated way faster – you can easily re-firmware more than 20 game kits simultaneously in just 20 seconds.

When using repeaters you can expand the Wi-Fi cover range to more than 500 meters. A strong interference-free signal can cover even the premises with doorways as a two-level premises with concrete beams and slabs.

Complete game immersion and absolute safety of the GALAXY system will make your visitors come back to you over and over again.

The system is already available for purchase! Do you want to get a special offer equipment? Contact our managers through “Callback” option or online chat.

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