LASERTAG.NET has just added one more “smart” device to their repertoire and it has just raised the bar. We are happy to present you with a totally new laser tag device now on the market which has stepped up the expectations of active gamers – Smart Domination Box.

The Smart Domination Box represents a new generation of laser tag equipment and has been long-awaited by both players and owners of laser tag clubs all over the world. Step-by-step modifications of the Standard Domination Box, which is used by most laser tag clubs, led to the creation of a totally new laser tag device.

It’s not only the design that makes the New Domination Box stand out but also the functional features. The default function of the device is still to register it’s capture. But the main difference between the classic Domination Box and the Smart one is that the former is a kind of timer, measuring the time the teams are in control of it, while the latter one can measure both: time and shots, as well as work in 10+ game modes and also display the capture level of each team.


Device type Domination Box (DB)
Ways to capture DB by shots and time
Quantity of game modes 5*
Control and Configuration with Remote Control, Remote Control Smart Mini, Android**
Data transfer IR, Wi-Fi
Battery type Li-ion
Running Time max 24 hours
Speaker yes
Wi-Fi module yes

* With our next update of the device we will reveal more than 5 additional game modes

** Control with Android based devices will be available with the next update

Design & Special Features

Our design and engineering department has paid special attention to the design of the new Smart Domination Box. The device has an outstanding and impressive design, which makes it fit into both interstellar and military styled laser tag clubs.

The Domination Box is light but robust. Its body is made of a dense plastic, and a top cover is made of clear acrylic. IR receiver is safely placed inside the body which provides a narrow target and doesn’t allow players to capture the Domination Box from afar.  On the sides of the device, you will find 3 transparent PVC columns with LEDs and strengthening tie rods inside. The triangular stand makes the DB stable and easy to transport without the risk of accidentally knocking it over.

3 smart LED scales are located along the 3 sides of the device. They provide bright illumination and indication that can be seen from afar by both players and instructors even on a very sunny day. In the evening or on a cloudy day this kind of illumination impressively spreads over the site, creating special game atmosphere and mood. It really looks cool!

The connection between the DB and game kits are made through the IR channel. IR emitters are also used to activate radiation mode in some gaming scenarios. The inbuilt Wi-Fi module provides a fast and failure-free connection between the Domination Box and other devices, wireless firmware updates, and the collection of the game statistics.

game-based device

Operating principle

The Domination Box is a kind of meter that registers shots and time. It works based on the chess-clock principle. To activate the “meter” the player has to tag the box by shooting into the zone marked on the top panel. The Domination Box captures the tags of players from different teams, sums up the total time the team was in control, or the number of shots made, and then determines the winner.


The Smart Domination Box is a completely new device that has no competitor on the laser tag market. The capture process is fully visualized on LED scales which drastically increases the excitement the players feel, expands the possibilities of adapting game strategies and coordinating teamwork.The laser tag game we all knew has now gone from ordinary to extraordinary!

Eye-catching LED indication, the standard mode that a classical DB has, as well as new game modes and scenarios never implemented before – altogether, it will impress both new players and the most experienced ones. All of these features turn the new smart Domination Box into a must-have device for any laser tag club.

5 game modes

The Domination Box can be captured by time or by shots. Currently, there are 5 game modes available.

Capture by time – a classic mode that makes the DB register and measure the time that each team is in control.

The capture process is indicated on all of the 3 LED scales that gradually fill up with the color of the team in control.

Triple capture – an alternative to the classic mode which allows the simultaneous participation of 3 teams. The level of capture is displayed independently for each team, and the levels are  visible even from afar. The gaming process in this mode looks especially impressive. LED indicators shows the level of capture for each team – when another team comes into control the scale of the former team gets frozen but is still visible. Teams can follow their progress from a long way off and adapt their strategy promptly.

smart domination box

Tug-of-war – another way to capture the Dom Box by time. Three indication zones are filled with two colors at the same time during the game. They indicate the real time capture level of each team. Two teams can participate in one game.

As the game progresses, the domination team gradually fills up the scale with its color.

Capture by shots – a fiery game mode. The Domination Box counts the shots made by each team. Another feature of this mode is the radiation mode, which is set by default. It affects all the players in close proximity to the DB every 5 seconds. This feature prevents players from gathering around the DB and thus provides fair conditions of the game.

The closer victory is the more the LED scale is filled up with the color of the winning team. The moment of re-capture is displayed immediately, just like in other modes – the scale reflects the progress of the team which is currently in control of the Domination Box.

game-based device laser tag

Raise the flag – the mode of the game for 2 teams. It is similar to the tug-of-war mode but here it’s not the time but the number of shots that matters. You can’t “raise the flag” if you don’t shoot down the flag of your opponent first.

LED indication directly reflects its name. When the device is in the control of the first team, the scale will be gradually filled with its color. So, when another team comes in control, they will have to lower their flag, and this is done by shooting the flag of the opponent down and only then raising its own, filling the scale upwards.

Capture time or the number of shots can be set up for each gaming mode independently. It will allow one to control the duration, difficulty, dynamism, and intensity of the game, adapt it for the players of different ages, and fitness levels.

Configuration & Control

The on/off button is located on the top panel of the Domination Box. The service button is placed right under it. When pressed once – it shows the battery level, when pressed long – it activates the service mode of the device.

You can control the Domination Box using the Remote Control or Remote Control Smart Mini (with particular configuration).

Use the “Power” button to change the game modes (it changes modes in cycle) or “Life x2” button (it changes modes in reversed order). To set the time or quantity of shots needed to capture the DB use “Team color” button (to increase) or “Remove” (to decrease).

Color indication helps to setup the necessary mode. “Capture by time” is indicated with white color, “capture by shots” – with yellow, “tug-of-war” – with red, “triple capture” – with green, “raise the flag” – with blue.

Service mode allows one to configure the device and update the firmware. Firmware is updated through wireless Wi-Fi channel – you don’t need any wires or difficult actions.

smart domination box laser tag

Remote control

Via the inbuilt Wi-Fi module, the coming update will reveal remote control and a wireless connection with other laser tag devices, as well as online statistics that will emphasize the high technology of the laser tag game. Control it with an Android smartphone or tablet and it will shorten the time needed to service a game, make the work easier for the instructor, as well as better the quality of the whole game process.

Indication of capture

Using RGB LEDs have granted the device a really impressive illumination. The indication area is much like a scale, filling up with the team color to display its progress and how close they are to win.

scenario device laser tag

The Interactive LED indication increases the level of how exciting and comfortable the game is. At the same time it makes equipment configuration easier for the instructor. Instructors won’t need to answer the questions like “Which team is in control now?” or “What’s the progress of the capture?” – he can directly watch the game progress. The Domination Box reacts with light to each command – you can easily see what mode it is in, what the battery level is. Players see the result of their capture on the scale of the DB, reacting immediately.

At the start the Domination Box will light up white, showing that it’s in the neutral position and not controlled by any team yet. It will help the players notice the Domination Box in the afternoon. When the DB is captured completely it is filled up with the color of the winning team and one can see the winning illumination. Combined with the sound effects it is unavoidable!


The Domination Box is compatible with the game kits working on the Miles Tag protocol. But all the working features, such as on-line statistics and Wi-Fi connection with other gaming devices and game kits are available only for the users of the equipment.

You can use the Smart Domination Box in both indoor and outdoor laser tag clubs as well as for away games. Using this multifunctional device you can make any game special, create unusual scenarios, and drastically expand the service list of laser tag club.