Get headbands for free!

For those who is just planning to open the laser tag center and those who want to update or expand an existing arsenal of laser tag equipment, Company has prepared special offer!

Starting today and up to the end of January, when you purchase 12 and more game sets for outdoor laser tag, you get a headband of each set for FREE!

The headband produced by Lasertag.Net is not just a headband with hit sensors, it’s something more:

  • 3 gaming days without additional charging;
  • Wireless connection with the base with instant response to commands and the possibility of wireless firmware;
  • Shockproof sensors, thanks to which the headband can be dropped, stepped on and used in all weather conditions, without worrying about its integrity and operation abilities;
  • Super-bright lights, which not only make the game more spectacular, but also allos you to play in poor visibility conditions;
  • Imitation of shock – vibro-effect, so that the player can “feel” every wound and feel the reality of the game.

Do not miss your chance to buy laser tag sets on great terms!
Offer is valid until January 31st! Contact our managers to get more information.

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