Get ready to the new laser tag season!

February is a high time to get ready for the laser tag season. And the promo by Lasertag.net is the best solution for you!

From the 1 of February, you will receive 3 game kits for FREE, when purchasing 12 kits for outdoor laser tag, and 4 kits FOR FREE, purchasing 16!

Why laser tag equipment by Lasertag.net is unique?

  • Shockproof case, resistant to all kinds of exploitation;
  • Impulse recoil imitation – gives the effect of a real shot;
  • Informative display with 10 indicators simultaneously;
  • The ability to set and control game sets via phone, tablet or PC.

Thus, buying game kits withing the mentioned period you not only save money, but also become the owner of progressive laser tag equipment that will distinguish you from your competitors and bring a lot of WOW-emotions to your laser tag club visitors.

Do not miss your chance! The offer is valid up to the 20th of February. Contact our managers to make an order or get more information.