When thinking of adding an LCD display to our FALCON playset, the idea was not only to make it reliable, but also as informative as possible. It displays up to 6 parameters at a time both in the service and play modes.

The display can show both the game stats and the settings when the playset is toggled to the play mode or service mode respectively.

The graphic LCD-display adds more interest and style to the game. From now on the player will feel more thrill from having more control of the game by knowing his or her ammo and shooting performance, encouraging him or her for a more active play to improve the stats.

When in the play mode, the screen displays 5 parameters:

  1. Lives (health points)
  2. Clips
  3. Ammo (in the clip in use)
  4. Enemy hits (by the player)
  5. Enemies killed/deactivated (by the player)

The fact that the display shows the key settings when in the service mode makes configuration of the laser tag equipment much more easier.

When in the service mode, the screen displays 4 parameters:

  1. Battery charge: 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%.
  2. ID No.
  3. Team color: RED (red), BLU (blue), GRE (green), YEL (yellow).
  4. Fire mode: AUT (automatic), SIN (single).

In total, our screen can display up to 6 game parameters simultaneously, so, it is quite possible that it will have more figures to show soon.

The display’s built-in reliability deserves a special note. Since the display was originally meant to be a part of rental equipment, additional protection was a natural solution, so it has a 6mm thick protection glass to ensure its fail-safe operation in conditions of intensive use.

As trivial as it may seem, the gadget still adds both value to the FALCON playset and a fine touch of better usability to the very laser tag gaming, thus helping you to win more customer appeal with better equipment quality and functionality, while offering additional convenience for the arena personnel by making pre-game preparations easier and saving their time.