While creating the laser handgun Glock-19, it was decided to maintain the trigger mechanism. Due to this, when you press the trigger, the spring is triggered transmitting impulse and the player feels the shot.

A speaker was installed underneath for sound indication and for reproducing sound effects during shots, reloading and important game events, making the game even more realistic.

Weight 0,5 kg
Length 0,186 m
Firing range 30-60 m
Battery life up to 24 hours
Battery type Li-ion
Сasing protection class of the tagger IP-54

Features of the laser handgun Glock-19:

  • licensed casing;
  • the first double emitter on the laser tag market;
  • authentic recharge cycle;
  • realism;

Casing of the laser handgun Glock-19

The casing for the handgun Glock-19 is made by a licensed German company Umarex, therefore, externally, the tager looks no different from a combat pistol.

The casing material is solid heat-resistant plastic. Thanks to the special coating and use of polymeric materials, the gun is resistant to corrosion and is also reliably protected from moisture and dust.

Dual Emitter Technology – Pulsar

The technology consists of two paired emitters integrated into a laser tag gun. The first emitter creates an optimal damage area to completely eliminate the “blind spots” at a close distance of 5-7 m. The second one serves to create a beam, the affected area of which is not scattered over a long distance. This decision gives the player realistic shooting conditions, with an aiming range of the Glock 19 of up to 50-60 meters.

Recharge via the magazine

It was decided to maintain the original recharge cycle while creating a new laser gun. Thus, to replace the used clip you need to pull out the magazine, and then return it to its original place. The magazine is removed by pressing a special button on the casing of the tagger.