Your own Laser Tag Star Wars at home

Laser Tag is a sports game as well as a popular kind of active recreation for the whole family. The most popular scenarios of computer games are now available in the real world.

Laser tag requires no special skills or physical training – anyone from 5 years old can participate in it.

Play in pairs or in groups of more than 10 people.

Game set:

  • Blaster – a laser tag rifle shoots safe infrared rays (as in the remote from the TV). The fire range is up to 200 m.
  • Headband – the device informs the players about hits by light vibration and LED flashing.

Reliable equipment for exciting games

Safe conditions
The blaster has a streamlined shape with no sharp angles or movable decorative details. The protective tip softens the impact in case of accidental collisions.

Impact resistant materials
The manufacturing material of the blaster is ABS-plastic, capable of withstanding the weight of a vehicle. The headband is made of durable fabric Cordura Maxi.

Easy operation
TLaunch and manage the game using the remote control or application for the Android smartphone.

A 24-month warranty
Free repairs during the warranty period .

Online statistics
The application Lasertag Operator displays the performance of each player online: shots and hits, inflicted damage, scores.

Game with no bullets
You will not break windows, lamps or hurt others by playing laser tag.

Immersion in the game

  • Bright large screen

The display shows more than 30 parameters: health units, number of bullets, position in the overall ranking, and other indicators. A wide, glare-free viewing angle provides clear visibility of all indicators from any perspective.

  • Impulse recoil

As the gun fires, impulses directed at the shoulder run along the hull, simulating the real kickback from the weapon.

  • Game roles

Participants can be assigned game roles, each of which has its own type of weapon and parameters: stormtrooper, sniper, medic, vampire, zombie, hostage.

  • Ready-made scenarios

The software offers a set of scripts. They are designed for both child and adult audiences and have several complexity levels.

  • Script Builder

You can use the application to modify existing scripts and create your own ones. You can customize absolutely any parameter: health and damage rate, the second type of weapon, and much more.

  • Kids mode

A game mode adapted for the youngest players (children under 8 years). The simplified control (auto-recharging and auto-respawn) will allow them to quickly understand the game rules and enjoy an exciting laser tag battle.

Falcon modifications

Basic Standart Standart
Shockproof ABS plastic+++
Protective tip+++
Two hand sensor++
Multicoloured OLED-screen++
Built-in hit sensors++
Impulse recoil+

Equipment bundles

DuelTeam gameLarge company
Game set
(tagger + headband)
Smart remote control111
Wi-Fi router 111
Charger (for free)246
Hygienic cuff (for free)246
Protective tip(for free)246