Indoor laser tag business

Here are some key facts about the indoor laser tag business:

How much investment is needed to start an indoor laser tag business?

The initial investment starts at $20,000. This amount may be higher depending on the money spent on the rent/purchase of the location and its arrangement.

What is the payback period for initial investments?

The payback on initial investments can take up to 11 months, taking into account employees- salaries, rent of location, and other expense items.

What is the average check from one event?

In the USA, the average check from one event ranges between $350-500. You can increase profits exponentially by conducting sessions in two or more game labyrinths.

What is the duration of the game in the laser tag arena?

The average duration of an event is 1 hour. Most arenas offer packages of 3 games, each one of 15 minutes.