An ambitious design that inspires action.
A safe game in which there is no room for aggression.
Unique modes that make players superheroes.

ECLIPSE blaster.
Safety and comfort for your customers.


Compact size

With a length of 15.7" (40 centimeters) - a comfortable game for children as young as 5-years-old


Capacitive hand sensor

Capacitive hand sensor for a safe game


Recoil imitation

A realistic feel of every shot


Safe shape

Flat rubber tip to mitigate collisions

Halo. Shot Lights. Makes the game more exciting.

A red laser beam and a bright flash of a team color accompany each shot. A one-of-a-kind dual-shot illumination makes the game safer and also allows players to better distinguish between allies and opponents.

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Feel the recoil

A recoil imitation module is installed in the blaster. The vibration in the butt allows you to physically feel the shot and immerse yourself in the gameplay.

Color IPS display.
Shows and withstands everything.

10+ indications

At the same time — game statistics and kit settings

57600 pixels

High quality, detailed images

0.2" (6 mm)

Protective glass — screen resistance to shocks and drops

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ready for anything.

An armored cable is used to firmly connect the vest and blaster. The attachment spots are fitted with overlays that prevent kinks.

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Lightweight and powerful gaming effects.


2 speakers

Speakers are installed in the shoulders of the vest so that visitors stay informed of all game events.


5 vibration indication modules

A spot vibration at the zone which was hit, and a powerful shock imitation when the player is completely deactivated.


Length: 16.5" (42 centimeters)

With a minimum area of contact with the body, the player does not overheat.


Weight 2.6 lbs (1 200 grams)

The weight of the vest allows children as young as 5-years-old to play.

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Materials for active use.

Your investments are protected.

Wear-resistant eco-leather

The base of the vest is made of eco-leather and does not absorb dirt and does not rub off, maintaining a presentable appearance after years of use.

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Shock-proof sensors

The sensor bodies are made of polycarbonate and have stiffening ribs, which makes them resistant to drops and impacts.

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Secured electronics

All the electronic components can withstand drops and rough handling since they are fixed on metal stands and shock-resistant plastic modules.

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Moisture-repellant lining

The inner lining of the vest is made of a material that does not absorb moisture or odors. It takes less than a minute to disinfect the kit with antiseptic!

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Smart light indication.
Games in your arena will be remembered.

The Eclipse kit will intuitively display every game event, like an injury, the lead, or a virtual explosion. The reason for this is due to the segmented relief of the sensors and the coordinated work of more than 50 LEDs.

Shock simulation.
Most powerful hit response.

A shock imitation module built into the back of the vest creates a real shake to the deactivated player thanks to its powerful vibration. Also, when an injury is received, a spot vibration indication is triggered in the sensor that the opponent hit.

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3 sound sources.
Every event will be heard.

The speaker in the blaster is responsible for the sound indication of shots. 2 speakers on the shoulders of the vest provide the sound for injuries, capturing the flag, respawn, and other commands. Surround and side-by-side sound effect playback allows the visitors to hear every notification.

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Choose your

By placing a hand on the sensor on the stomach, the player can activate one of the superpowers for a limited time.

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Temporarily makes a player invulnerable to all types of damage.

Power Shield

Temporarily makes a player invulnerable to all types of damage.

Eclipse follows your steps
and motivates to move.

The kit records the player's activity, and after a round, everyone will be able to see the number of steps taken. This motivates participants to be more active and accumulate the most value on their pedometers.

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Stop Aggression Technology.
Dangerous games will be stopped.

Due to the “Stop Aggression” technology, the system detects sudden movements of a blaster. In case of a violation of the safety rules: the game kit will warn the participant with a sound and message on the screen, and the instructor will receive a message on the application interface.

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An application
that will quickly solve all your problems!

Lasertag.Operator mobile application allows one administrator to conduct a game for more than 30 clients at the same time.

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Remote power off of gaming sets in 2 clicks.

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A set of ready-made game scenarios. Use the constructor to create your own scenarios.

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The graphical guide allows you to quickly master the functionality of the application by the first launch.

A set of characters.

Over 40 parameters to create your own heroes.

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Personal statistics and achievements of players with the ability to print on forms.

ECLIPSE in detail.

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