Laser tag business

The laser tag business is a new business-format in the field of outdoor activities and entertainment that centers around the concepts of planning, organizing, coordinating, and conducting laser games. A laser tag club can be created as a new independent business or as part of an existing one to complement its outdoor and entertainment offerings.

Advantages of laser tag business:

  • No need for game supplies since they aren’t needed.
  • An extensive age group that spans visitors from 5 to 99 years old.
  • The ability to generate profits all 365 days of the year.
  • All-terrain games that can be played indoors (shopping mall, game centers) and outdoors (backyard, schools, parks).
  • The ability to start your own business from scratch with investment packages that start from $8,000.
  • Project payback periods that range between 3 to 11 months depending on the type of laser tag center you choose.
  • It only takes one person to organize and conduct the entire game or laser tag event.