All-in-one solution for launching
a mobile laser tag business
in 1 month

What is a mobile laser tag business?

This business format is based on holding away laser tag games on the client's property.

Watch this video - learn all about starting a mobile club in 10 minutes.

How it works


The customer orders a game


You deliver the gaming equipment


You prepare the playground


You run a laser tag game

Everything you need
for a mobile laser tag club!

Inflatable bunkers

for customizing your site

Game kits

for all weather conditions

Free app

to manage your equipment

Advertising materials

to attract customers

Opening a mobile club is easier than you think!

Get a consultation on selecting equipment and launching your business!

Why is the mobile business

average check

Check on a 3-hour event for 12 people - 300-900$

Fast payback

The average payback period of our customers - 9 months

Minimum investment

All it takes is 11 000$ to start the business

High profitability

No costs for staff, land or premises rent

A real
mobile solution

Business beyond limits

Business beyond limits

Games are held outdoors with all the safety precautions in place. You can keep working even in the lockdown conditions.

Effective business support

A set of marketing materials

for the club promotion

Personal manager and technical support

7 days a week

12-month warranty and replacement equipment

for the repair period

Bunkers and game sets

withstand 10+ years of active operation

We have developed a set of educational materials based on our experience in the entertainment business to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

Kyle, Director of Development of laser tag centers

Get a checklist to prepare yourself for the perfect away game!

All steps of preparation for the away game in one file


How much should I invest in a mobile club?

11 000$ is enough to start a mobile club or 13 000$ if you are planning to play away games using inflatable bunkers.

What is the payback period of the investment?

What is the average check for 1 event?

How long is the game?

Who orders a mobile laser tag game?

What kind of vehicle do you need for away games?

Is it possible to operate during lockdown?

Do you have any questions?

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