The release of the SCORPION shock-band was marked by a real boom in the industry and it even managed to generate several myths. Such great interest is caused by the fact that the device dramatically changes the usual game of laser tag.

Shock-Fight is not the next stage of the laser tag development like, for example, the introduction of wireless communication between the blaster and the headband. This is a new kind of game and business.


It took laser tag almost 20 years to turn into a popular form of outdoor activity. Shock-Fight can immediately become a widely available entertainment. This will be facilitated by the already established base of laser tag centers around the world and more advanced ways of online advertising than several decades ago.

You will be among the first to offer your customers a service that has no analogues on the market, not only in your region, but around the country! One of the most popular questions the visitors ask during the briefing about laser tag was if it shocked. Yes, it does now! And only at your laser tag center!


  1. The participants are briefed on the basic rules and safety precautions.

  2. The instructor demonstrates how the SCORPION equipment and the shock bracelet work.

  3. The instructor selects the power mode of the shock bracelet based on the wishes of the participants and helps to fasten it on the arm.

  4. One of the selected scenarios is set for the game. When a player is hit, the shock-band gives the player a noticeable impulse of less than a second.

  5. During the round, participants can change the selected power mode by asking the instructor. It takes a few seconds and does not require stopping the game.

Just like the traditional laser tag, Shock-Fight does not require special conditions for the game. You can organize an exciting battle indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours!


Aspiring entrepreneurs

The investments made at the start, pay off in up to 1 year, this has been the experience of our partners around the world. Shock-Fight, just like laser tag, does not require a large staff. To conduct the game you will need a basic set of equipment and one instructor.

Operating business

One of the main rules of business is to be the first. By offering visitors a new unique service you will ensure the growth of profits of your active recreation center. Shock-Fight will be your advantage that distinguishes you from your competitors.

To launch a new service, for clubs using NETRONIC non-integrated equipment with firmware 19.2 and above, is enough to purchase only shock-bands.



Shock-Fight will attract new visitors who prefer more heart-pounding experiences than a regular laser tag game. Now you can offer them thrills and adrenaline, previously available only in paintball or airsoft, but without all the bruises.

What categories of players will you attract?

  • visitors from 16 years old;
  • lovers of military stylized games;
  • regular paintball players;
  • parents who previously only brought children;
  • repeated visits of existing customers who previously used other services.


Shock-Fight advertises itself because it is the only game of its kind. The most powerful means of attracting customers, word of mouth, will become one of your main promotion tools. Satisfied customers are the best form of advertising, and it is absolutely free.

To attract customers, first use basic tools that are partially or completely free, but no less effective.

What to do?

  • Post information on the website and social media about the launch of a new service. Describe it, explain how you are different from other entertainment providers, and talk about the principle of the game. And most importantly, include a video of people trying out the shock band and reacting to it. The emotions will easily "sell" the game.
  • Place bright colorful posters around the center. Printing high quality posters is not expensive.
  • Organize promotional games for existing customers. Offer them an extra 15 minutes of Shock Fight after their regular laser tag game.
  • Launch a social media contest offering a Shock-Fight game. Notify all customers that the contest will be held at your club.


Form the cost of a game session based on the pricing policy of your region. It needs to be competitive with other entertainment services. The recommended price of Shock-Fight should be on average 30% higher than a classic laser game.

For example (1 hour):

Laser tag for 10 customers ($ 30 per person) = $ 300

Shock-Fight for 10 customers ($ 40 per person) = $ 400

A check from playing Shock-Fight is 30% higher than a regular laser tag game and, provided there is no expense, the net profit from 1 game for 10 people is about 300 $.

We recommend that you conduct 1-hour sessions, as well as introduce entire packages of services to ensure club an even workload and effective profitability. For example, 3 hours for the price of two. You can also include additional services in the Shock-Fight fixed price, offering visitors a complete solution.


  • It does not require large investments. The recoupment is up to 1 year based on the experience of our partners around the world.
  • Easily integrates into existing business projects: laser tag and paintball clubs, entertainment centers, quest rooms, hotels, etc.
  • Additional income for existing active leisure centers.
  • The uniqueness of the game allows you to stand out among competitors.
  • Adrenaline and thrill like from a game of paintball or airsoft but without bruising.

Contact us in an online chat to integrate this new service with your current business. Shock-Fight – reboot your laser tag club!

We have prepared templates of graphic layouts for advertising. You can post them online and place them on your club grounds.