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Falcon is a tagger of our own design. The body material is impact-resistant ABS-plastic, capable of withstanding the weight of a car. Monolithic design is protected from moisture and dust, which allows you to play at any time of year. Impulse recoil, anti-cheat system, autonomous work without a headband - functionality that will become your calling card.

Tagger Falcon

Tagger Falcon

Falcon F1
Falcon F2


Laser tag weapons are the foundation of every laser tag center. When choosing them you should pay attention to a number of criteria, so that the final result will satisfy all your expectations The best weapon for laser tag should be safe, durable, and have great functionality. We embodied these qualities in the GALAXY arena system and on the outdoor NETRONIC platform. When creating professional laser tag weapons we are guided by the needs of club owners, and laser tag players. Feedback helps us to constantly improve our equipment so that LASERTAG.NET products give not just unforgettable emotions, but a real wow-effect.


The reliability of equipment is one of the most important factors that you should pay attention to in order to choose the best laser tag weapon. We perfectly understand how important it is to ensure the durability of each device. High-quality equipment will last longer, and will bring in more money over a longer period of time. Our professional laser tag weapons are made of shockproof materials and even after playing 1000 games it retains a presentable appearance. The uniform design is devoid of movable or decorative elements that may break. All the electronics inside the case are secured in specially designed compartments that protect them from mechanical damage. The circuit boards are varnished to protect them from moisture, and dust.


The laser tag weapons from LASERTAG.NET are designed to ensure the complete safety of players. You can be sure that during an exciting laser tag battle your visitors will not be in danger. The streamline shaped tagger does not have sharp corners that can lead to injuries in a collision. An additional point of protection is the rubber tip that each tagger is equipped with. It softens the shock and also preserves the integrity of the optical system. The capacitive hand sensor that is in the case of the blaster creates conditions for a safe and fair game. This reduces the risk of injury situations. The emitter is harmless to health, and we have the certification to back this up.


The free Lasertag.Net Operator app offers a lot of features. We took care of not only the extensive functionality, but we also created a user-friendly interface. One instructor is enough to conduct a game for a group of 20 people. It gives the owners of laser tag centers the control over their business that they want. The date, number of games, duration of a session, and other parameters. It simplifies the working process for instructors. Remote power off, automatic start, the ability to set games parameters in a few clicks. And it provides players with an exciting laser tag battle. A set of ready-made scenarios, realistic indication of injuries, and online statistics on the effectiveness of each round. Professional laser tag weapons allow you to carry out truly exciting games!


We have prepared equipment sets for any budget, because of which you can save your time and money. These are turnkey solutions tested by thousands of satisfied customers around the world. They are tested in practice and optimally adapted for regular use. In creating these sets, we took into account a number of parameters: the capacity of the site, the number of players, the size of the investment, and the recoupment period. A professional laser tag weapon you can afford!


Choosing a professional laser tag weapon everyone wants to personally evaluate its characteristics and competitive advantages before buying. To experience laser tag from the point of view of both the organizer and participant is possible can only be done in a real game. To order a test drive, write to us in the online chat and our experts will tell you how to quickly get the LASERTAG.NET equipment. We deliver to anywhere in the world and on time.