Laser tag gun

FALCON is the world's only impulse-recoil laser tag gun with a color screen for tracking game indicators, and an enduring body that can withstand the weight of a car.

two falcons

2 body modifications

For adults and children.

Shock-resistant ABS plastic

The laser tag gun can withstand the weight of a car.

Impulse simulation of recoil

A realistic feeling of a shot.

Color IPS screen

Shows 12 indicators simultaneously.

2 body modifications

Designed for everyday use

Shock, scratch, and drop resistant ABS plastic body that can withstand the weight of a car.

Создан для активной эксплуатации

All electronic elements are securely fixed in mounting brackets, which prevent damage from impacts and falls.


There are no decorative or moving elements on the body that could break off during operation.


The electronics are covered with several layers of varnish that protects against dust and moisture.


FALCON allows you to play at extreme temperatures from -30 to +50, which allows you to carry out sessions in any weather.

Impulse simulation of recoil -
feel the shot, not vibration

FALCON laser tag guns are equipped with impulse recoil - a patented development of LASERTAG.NET. When fired, impulses directed to the shoulder pass along the body, imitating the real recoil from the weapon. The recoil effect is much more realistic than usual vibration, and it enhances the engagement in gameplay.

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Color IPS screen

The IPS display allows visitors to track gaming indicators as well as statistics.

Displays health units, number of magazines, type of weapon, and more than 30 other game indicators.

A 0.2" (6mm) thick glass protects the screen from impacts.

The IPS technology ensures good viewing angles and visibility even in sunny weather.

The IPS display allows visitors to track gaming indicators as well as statistics.
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10 weapons in one laser tag gun

Before the session, the player can choose the main and secondary weapon. More than 10 options are available, including a machine gun, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, and a pistol. You can switch between weapons during the session, which increases the dynamics of the game.

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Camouflage print

There are two colors available: classic black and camouflage print, which gives the laser tag gun a tactical look. The print is covered with a layer of shockproof varnish, which provides protection against mechanical damage, moisture, and the sun!


Maximum safety level

Streamlined shape

The body is without protruding and sharp elements and this makes the laser tag gun as safe as possible for children to use.

Rubber bumper

Softens impact in collisions, and also serves as protection for the emitter of the laser tag gun.

Capacitive hand sensor

Prevents sweeping movements and blind fire from behind a cover.

Certified emitter

The laser tag gun emits a safe infrared signal that does not harm even if it is pointed into an eye.


3 hit sensors

Falcon is equipped with three defeat sensors: one frontal and two side ones. Due to this, the angle of defeat for the laser tag gun is 320 degrees. After hitting the player’s laser tag gun, you can cause damage to him or temporarily deactivate the weapon - this increases the realism of the game.


Remote shutdown

The software allows you to turn off the power of all game sets in 1 click. This significantly reduces the time spent preparing the equipment between sessions.


Laser tag gun modifications

Shockproof body++
Protective bumper++
Color IPS screen++
Built-in hit sensors++
Impulse recoil+
Capacitive hand sensor+



Red dot sight


Falcon in details