A compact tagger with a safe body, impulse recoil, and a bright team colored shot illumination.


Team-colored shot illumination

Tagger that will add to the game bright colors

The front and body team-colored illumination of the tagger allows you to better distinguish allies and opponents, and creates a special entourage when playing in the dark.

Impulse Recoil

A redesigned impulse recoil module was developed for the LUX compact body. The module sends pulses directed toward the player's shoulder, allowing you to realistically feel every shot.

Safe. Comfortable. Interactive

Bright IPS Display

Allows you to monitor 20+ stats even when playing in sunny weather.

Rubberized body

Absorbs shocks and collisions, enhancing safety of the game.

Protected hit sensors

The ability to hit a tagger is the key to fair and realistic battles

Compact size

The 40 cm tagger allows children from 5 years old to play in comfort.

Side shot illumination

The body elements are lit by the team color when the player is hit

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The FALCON LUX withstands!

The shock-resistant ABS plastic body, sturdy construction and individual mounts for all electronics make the tagger resistant to drops, impacts and other everyday stress.

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Tactical Pro
Team colored shot illumination+
Built-in hit sensors
Impulse recoil
Aquaprint Pixel
BaseStandartPremiumTactical Pro
Team colored shot illumination++++
Built-in hit sensors+++
Impulse recoil++
Aquaprint Pixel+