Our new NETRONIC is designed with the goal of satisfying our customers’ wishes and  applying the best practices developed when creating earlier headband models. It incorporates all the necessary features for a reliable operation under heavy use conditions associated with rented equipment.

Key features:

  • Compact
  • Super bright indication of sensors
  • Inverse mode
  • 4 separate hitting zones
  • Wear proof materials
  • Impact resistant sensors
  • Hitting angle – 360

 Each game kit comes with a headband. It consists of an adjustable cloth band equipped with the control unit, 4 hit sensors (one of which is integrated into the control unit) and a single-use hygienic lining.

laser tag headband

The control unit of the headband is equipped with a battery with capacity of 1500 mAh, that allows 1 day playing without charging. To decrease energy consumption, the feature of the headband automatic shutting down after 10 min of inactivity was implemented.

Netronic headband

Zonal vibroindication of hitting

Now a player can understand the direction he was hit from. The light indication of the sensors can be seen at the bright sun from the distance up to 100 meters.

Inverse mode

headband for laser tag

Is activated in settings. When the mode is activated the headband sensors are constantly glowing with a team color during the game. It provides safe game even at night or in a darkened arena.

Wear resistant material

wear resistant laser tag headband

The textile part of the headband is made of the CORDURA MAXI material, with density – 1200gr/m2. This material is highly durable and wear resistant.

All the inner details of the headband are varnished to prevent oxidation of the contacts and for more durable use.

Each NETRONIC headband comes with 2 hygienic cuffs, made of a demoisturizing AIR MESH material. Its mesh texture provides a transpiring air-circulation, making even long games comfortable.

Demountable construction

headband for laser tag
The moister-resistant zip of the headband provides easy access and service of the electronics. Now if you have to change textile padding of the headband as well as some parts of electronics, you don’t need to buy entirely new product, you may replace some elements with new ones by yourself.