Upgrade program – pump your laser tag equipment up!

Releasing the new TAGNET platform we didn’t neglect those clients who have already purchased laser tag equipment of the Company. Specially for existing clients we have prepared upgrade program that will allow you to upgrade your laser tag equipment by yourself to a new level and enjoy all the features of TAGNET platform.
Up to 31st of August within the upgrade program we offer you special price – don’t miss it!

We have prepared two variations of game-kits for modernization:

New headbandControlling circuit for headband
Controlling circuit for laser tag gunControlling circuit for laser tag gun
A power button with the protection from accidental pressingA power button with the protection from accidental pressing
Set of fastening racks for circuitSet of fastening racks for circuit
Set of wiresSet of wires

Moreover, during this period you may also purchase an additional equipment on special offer:

  • Router Totolink (necessarily);
  • Power Bank for router supply (when the 220 mains voltage is unavailable);
  • New battery for laser tag gun.

In addition, at your request, you may replace:

  • Laser tag gun’s case;
  • Trigger;
  • Reloading button;
  • Battery charger connector;
  • IR circuit;
  • Hit sensors;
  • LCD screen etc.

Update your laser tag equipment with minimal investment – use the upgrade program and get the latest features developed by our company.

* Get in touch with our managers to learn the price and get more detailed information about the upgrade program

The sale of KIT- upgrade for equipment of other manufacturers starts in July!

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