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With our equipment, you can open a mobile laser tag club to conduct laser tag games on any terrain. This type of business has a high margin of profits since the games are held on the customer’s land – sparing you from paying rent.


Mobile laser tag equipment refers to:
  • Inflatable bunkers that are designed to equip a playground quickly. There are two types: sports and tactical, which mainly differ in design;
  • Outdoor laser tag equipment of the NETRONIC platform. The laser tag equipment for a mobile club includes laser tag guns, headbands (vests and helmets), game-based devices, and any other tools to play the game.
With our equipment, you can open a mobile laser tag club to conduct laser tag games on any terrain. This type of business has a high margin of profits since the games are held on the customer’s land – sparing you from paying rent.


Inflatable bunkers are used to quickly assemble a playground, they come in two types:

Sports BunkersTactical figures
They are commercial-grade products made of durable PVC fabric, which is air-filled. The bunkers comply with all standards of sports paintball associations. The inflatable figures can be fixed to the ground by using pegs or weighing sacks with sand. If you plan to use an inflatable bunker for a stationary club, the PRO version that comes with a compartment for water is the best choice for you. These figures are more stable since they work under the same principle as a tumbler.This is a unique development of LASERTAG.NET. Tactical figures are an inflatable frame made of durable PVC fabric with a stretched screen on it. Tactical bunkers can be interconnected using belts, forming unique elements in the battlefield playground. To secure the bunkers in any terrain, you can use weights with sand inside.


  • FALCON laser tag guns;
  • NETRONIC Headbands, vests, and helmets;
  • Scenario devices (SIRIUS, Smart domination box, Multistation);
  • Remote controls to configure game kits and launch a game;
  • Charging devices;
  • A router to provide wide coverage on a playground with a Wi-Fi signal (no internet connection required);
  • A power bank to give the router independent power;
  • Inflatable tactical or sports figures to arrange in a battlefield playground (weighing agents and pump.


Inflatable figures:
  • – You are given a choice of 16 colors for inflatable figures, as well as the opportunity to apply your own logo, which will serve as an additional advertisement for your club;
  • – The construction of a full-site battlefield playground takes about 30 minutes;
  • – The black figures completely absorb the laser – guaranteeing 100% protection against rebounds;
  • – We provide two types of weighing agents for reliable fastening of figures to any terrain
  • – For the convenience of mobile games, we provide transportation bags that will fit up to 10 full-blown figures;
  • – The material of the inflatable figures is durable PVC fabric with a density of 680 g/m2, which withstands any rental test;
  • – You can transport a full-fledged battlefield playground in a car;
  • – Tactical inflatable bunkers can easily connect, which allows you to configure battlefield playgrounds in different ways and create diverse scenarios – all from one set of inflatable figures.


  • The shockproof housing (body shell) of sensors and the laser tag guns withstands drops, impacts, ground friction, and other tests of mobile rental;
  • Numerous game modes and a script designer which allows you to create interactive stories as well as integrate mobile laser tag games in quests;
  • The ability to play games using the remote control or Android application. Coupled with mobile laser tag equipment, you get free licensed software that offers support for all future updates;
  • The laser tag gun and headband on the NETRONIC platform withstand one game day without recharging;
  • The router supports offline work, receiving power from a regular power bank;
  • You don’t need an Internet connection to provide Wi-Fi signal coverage to the battlefield playground;
  • Our mobile laser tag equipment allows you to play games on rough terrain, thanks to the large Wi-Fi signal coverage area;
  • A unique mechanism to save game parameters allows you to continue playing even if a player leaves the signal coverage area;
  • The autonomous operation of the tagger and headband allows you to split one set with several players. This is particularly helpful when the number of people who want to play exceeds the total number of game sets.