Here is a solution that is going to change people’s impression of active rest and sport activity – outdoor laser tag – once and for all.

It is a game you cannot stop playing: realistic weapon recoil, penetrating wounds, explosions, intelligent wound indication, and a comprehensive set of stats on the screen of the weapon.

Safety begins with the specially designed shape of the equipment and its technology, encouraging players to hold the gun with two hands and preventing them from covering the hit sensors. Completely automated control starts with the launch of the game and ends with the automatic power switch. So let’s start a laser tag game and business based on the NETRONIC platform.


New minimal design. One of the lightest headbands in the industry.

headband for laser tag

Externally headband became more modern and attractive. Black and “Pixel” camouflage color options perfectly match two options of Falcon riffle color – black and tactical ones. The headband weighs only 150 grams, having become 25% lighter than before. It allows players to play without any discomfort even for a very long time. The sensors and control unit became almost twice as small as compared to previous versions, while the sensors now extend out only 6 mm. There are new compact batteries and circuit boards, as well as a tightener sensor arrangement, which made those changes possible.

The sensors and control unit boards are covered with a protective coat, preventing contact oxidation and minimizing the possibility of premature failure. There is a water-resistant zipper that allows one to quickly and easily access and maintain electronic elements.

AIR MESH hygienic cuff – comfortable and easy to maintain

Netronic headband
Each NETRONIC headband comes with 2 hygienic cuffs. The cuff is made of a demoisturizing AIR MESH material. It is used worldwide for sporting goods production due to its durability, lightness and hypoallergenic features. Its mesh texture provides an transpiring air-circulation, making even long games comfortable. Cuff material is wear resistant, allowing it to stay attractive even after 1000 games.

Extra bright diodes and inverse mode. Play day and night

headband for outdoor laser tag

The light sensors indication is visible at a distance of up to 100 meters even during the day due to improved sensor case optical features. This headband features inversion mode in which it constantly lights up the team color, providing safe conditions for a game that takes place at night or in the laser tag arena. Activate this mode in program settings.

Mark feature – sound indication for searching

netronic headband

Headbands feature sound indicators, producing loud signals when the laser tag gun it is connected to turns off. The sound is heard until the headband is turned off or the laser tag gun is activated. This way instructors can find headbands if they have been lost.

4 hit indication zones — even better feedback

game kit for laser tag

Each sensor features separate processor, responsible for vibration- and light indication. This way a headband vibrates exactly on the side where a player is hit. Players understand where they were hit from and thus get even more involved into the game.

CORDURA MAXI – wear proof headband material

pixel headband for laser tag

The new headband textile base is made of CORDURA MAXI material with the density of 1200 gr / sq.m. — it is 50% more dense than that of other headbands available on the market. This material is used in the production of military gear due to its long-life, performance and the ease servicing. CORDURA MAXI is resistant to deformation  and water, and perfectly holds its shape.

Scratches and wear proof sensors


The casing of both the sensors and control units are made of high-strength polycarbonate. It is a popular material used mainly in the motor-car and aerospace industries due to its endurance features and long service life. The service life of the sensors is more than 10 years! The sensors casings additionally features a special protective tip to prevent scratches and scuff marks.

Control unit features charge indication

Control unit features charge indication

Control unit features charge indication as well as a much smaller and more powerful battery. The li-ion batteries have been replaced with modern lithium-pol ones like those used for mobile phones. Their capacity is 1500 mAh. The headband control unit is located in a transparent case and is also used as a hit sensor. All 4 elements on the headband (3 hit sensors and 1 control unit) receive a signal and thus a hit angle of 360 degrees – there are no shadow zones! The moisture-proof tact power switch activates the headband and it  works as a hermetical plug for the power supply socket.

Independent headband operation, exit wound and explosion features
(will be available with the next firmware updates)

Each NETRONIC headband sensor features an IR transmitter. Now the headband both registers hits and and can be a weapon. This feature allowed us to expand some presets by adding new realistic features. A sniper can hit opponents and opponent’s teammates with a through-and-through shot while the grenade-launcher mode allows you to hit few opponents at once. When in Zombie, Doctor, and Hostage modes headband can be used autonomously without a laser tag gun. So, you do not need to buy a separate headband for those roles.

Laser tag gun

Multi-mode color IPS-screen

laser tag OLED-screen

Each NETRONIC laser tag gun features a color IPS-screen. It displays 12 indicators at the same time: number of hits and defeats, health and ammo scales, type of weapon, number of clips, player’s rating, super weapon mode, and game timer. Color indication, together with a new user-friendly design, enables easier navigation through the indicators for players and faster preparation of the equipment for instructors. The wide view angles of the display allows players to see necessary information without getting distracted from the game itself.

All parameters are sorted in three different modes:
Pre-game — default settings, type of weapon and player’s role;
Active-game— stats and kit settings during the game;
Post-game — player’s statistics in the game round.

The display is integrated into the weapon via brackets, preventing its displacement when hit. A protective screen prevents mechanical damages. It is 6-mm thick, being 12 times thicker than smartphone screens. Energy efficiency is another prominent feature of the IPS technology. If one part of the picture is black then light diodes, responsible for it, just go off – this feature enables longer game play with no extra need of recharging a weapon. You can switch off the laser tag screen in game mode in it’s settings. This feature is implemented in order  to prevent exposing the player’s location if the game takes place at night or in a dark space theme arena.

Impulse recoil mode – perfect realism

lazer tag blaster

NETRONIC game kits feature an impulse recoil module – a patented LASERTAG.NET design. There are shoulder directed impulses upon firing, going along the weapon body – they imitate a guns recoil. This recoil effect is much more realistic than a simple weapon vibration — it increases player immersion in the game. This feature will help you to really stand out among you competitors who are using equipment with vibration only.

Impulse recoil runs off an independant battery thus ensuring long service life of the equipment because it does not use the game kit battery. You can disable this feature in settings if necessary.

Team color indication

There is an RGB diode next to the power button. It indicates team color and lights up when in game mode. Both players and instructors can easily see to which team one or another game kit belongs.

Falcon strengthened case

laser tag gun body

Since it’s first release in 2014, the Falcon F1 and Falcon F2 body design has been upgraded in several ways. We have strengthened both the joining sections of weapon body elements and the electronic tooling modules. The rear sight has also been redesigned to improve the accuracy of players. The Falcon laser tag gun’s solid casing lacks sharp and protruding elements that could hurt players or break down. Its casing is made of shock-proof ABS plastic, known for its durability and capable of withstanding even the weight of a car. Each Falcon laser tag rifle features a protective 8-mm rubber tip, smoothing hits during collisions or falls.

Capacitive two-hand sensor  – safe game, fair tournaments

two hand sensor

On client request any Falcon modification can be featured with capacitive sensors for shooting with both hands, located in the fore-end. When the sensor is activated the game kit shoots only when held with two hands. Otherwise the laser tag gun is blocked and its screen displays an alert message so that a player could fix the mistake and quickly get back to the game, following its rules.

This solution decreases the risk level of the game, preventing injuries, provides fair conditions for the game and the safety of the games held indoors. This feature is off by default. Go to settings in Android application to activate it.

3 hit sensors in the laser tag gun

sensors in the laser tag gun

The Falcon laser tag rifle features three hit sensors – a frontal one and two side ones. They create a 320-degree hit zone. When activated those sensors prevents situations where a player, hiding behind a bunker, puts out his hand with a weapon and hits opponents blindly and gets away with it.

Laser tag gun hit modes:

  • Damage for the player as if hit in a headband;
  • Shock – laser tag gun goes off for a set period of time.

Two weapons in one laser tag gun

laser tag gun display

Some presets give players an option to use the “second” weapon. You can switch between the main and additional weapon, by holding the reload button for 3 seconds. This feature makes the game process more flexible and increases the level of immersion of players.

  • Sniper – pistol is a second weapon;
  • Assaulter – grenade launcher is a second weapon;
  • Doctor – pistol is a second weapon.

Sound support – an even more realistic game

The NETRONIC platform features the option of playing two sounds simultaneously. This way players will not face situations when one sound interrupts another one. Each game log will be heard regardless of the density of events during a very chaotic game.

Protection against accidental shut-off

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate/deactivate the laser tag gun. Hold it for 30 seconds to switch the weapon off when in game mode. This way you will not be able to accidentally switch a laser tag rifle off during a game. This feature also decreases the possibility of weapon accidental switching on during transportation.

Automatic game kit shut-off

The headband and laser tag gun power off if they are not active for 10 minutes (when you do not press any button or shoot from the weapon). So even if players or instructors forget to switch their game kits off they will shut-off by themselves. This feature drastically decreases power consumption of the game kit and thus allows one to run more games without charging the game kits. Change the preset 10 minutes set from default for automatic shut-off through the software.


Smartphones and tabs ANDROID application

android application for laser tag

Use the special application to control all functional features of NETRONIC based game kits. This software features automation of the game process: one-click start and finish of the game, automatic completion of the game and much more. Download the latest version of the application for the NETRONIC platform on our site. There will also be regular updates for Tagnet based game kits.

Extensive real time statistics

Clients of laser tag clubs are very interested in the efficiency of their games. Use stats also as a tool to solve controversial situations or to encourage your customers to be active by commenting.

NETRONIC game kits register the number of shots, wounds, points, etc. All information displayed in the Android application is very useful for instructors. They can stimulate the competitiveness of players, building up their interest in the game with their comments. Instructors can follow all the actions of players during the games on the laser tag field through the application on smartphones or tablets.

Game log chats display all the actions of players during the whole game round. This way judges stay fair when there are laser tag tournaments taking place or when there appears to be a controversial situation between teams. Application displays general team statistics as well as personal efficiency of each player. In the end of each battle each player gets a certain rank, according to his efficiency. For example, the most accurate one will become a “Rifleman” while the one who was hit the least will be an “Invincible” one.

Share stats with everybody

laser tag statistics

Now you can display online statistics and game logs on the TV screen. TV-out application will be useful during both tournaments and usual games. This way fans can watch all the games adventures while players can see the results of their game. When the battle is over you can print game stats on the official letterhead and give it to your customers. It will build up competitiveness of players because they can both discuss statistics among themselves and share it with their friends.

Scenarios configurator

laser tag Scenarios configurator

Different scenarios will make games interesting and captivating. Use the scenario configurator to modify the existing scenario or to create a new one. Conditions of ending the game, duration of the round, health and ammo points, as well as many other features can be adjusted. Having this option, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your most regular customers and to attract new ones.

Kids Mode — game mode for children

Kid Mode is a new game mode specifically adapted for the youngest visitors of laser tag centers – for 8 y.o. children and younger. Now instructors will not have a headache over what scenario to choose for the children while the youngest players will easily understand all rules and details of the game process.

Active Kids Mode features:

  • Automatic respawn;
  • Active reload;
  • Infinite number of magazines;
  • Disabled sensor so players can shoot with one hand;
  • Disabled laser tag gun hit sensors.

New Battle Royale game mode

“Battle Royale” is one of the most popular scenarios in the world of computer games of 2019-2020. This is a full game, which is as close to a computer analog as possible:

  • Players play for themselves (1 player or a squad) and only one wins (1 player or a squad);
  • The area in which the participants fight is gradually narrowing and, thus, makes the players fight more actively;
  • As soon as the player is outside the playing area, his health is gradually depleted;

In this scenario, there is no way to be respawned, so each shootout may be the last for the player.

Anti-cheat function

This is a new technology that identifies players who switch off the headband during the game to get to the base or the domination box, avoiding opponents’ hits. Now, when someone tries to disable the headband, the player receives a message on the tager that he is violating the rules. The instructor will also be notified of this violation so that he can resolve this situation.

Autonomous headband operation in the new modes

Zombie Walker Mode

In these modes, the player does not need to use the tager, just the NETRONIC headband, which is included in the game kit. In Zombie Walker mode, a headband can deactivate players from a single shot. A zombie player must sneak up on his opponent a certain distance (you can adjust the distance in the settings) to hit him. Every 0.4 seconds, the NETRONIC headband emits infrared impulses that deplete all the health units from the opponent.

Medic Mode

Is used to restore players’ health. To do this, the medic player must approach the player who needs “treatment”, at a distance of 1 meter. After which the player automatically receives 25 points of health.

Activator Mode

This mode is activated by the “Stormtrooper” button on the remote control. The player who was appointed as the “Activator” every 10 seconds respawns deactivated players within a radius of 1 meter. During the respawn, the bandage lights up in the color of the team, (by default the headband glows in red). The activator player has 100 health points and all the effects work on him, just like on a regular player.

Frontier Mode

It is activated by the “Sniper” button on the remote control. In the “Frontier” mode, the headband is used as a target, which you need to hit with a shot from the tager.
Before the start of the game, a route with obstacles is built: the headbands operating in the “Frontier” mode. Running into an obstacle on the path, the player must deactivate it with a shot, otherwise, the headband will deactivate him with radiation.

Shockwave Mode
When using grenade launcher  (is an additional weapon that can be assigned to any player in the software settings), the shockwave allows you to hit several opponents at once, causing maximum damage to the first affected player, as well as injuring all surrounding participants. The damage decreases with each player hit by the blast. The default range is 5 meters, this parameter is configured in the application.

Through shots in the NETRONIC headband and vest

Through shots function was created in order to increase the game dynamics and make game scenarios even more various. This function allows a vest or headband to pass a laser tag bullet through one player and hit the next person behind him. Through shots are turned on and off through Windows and Android applications.

Remote shutdown of game sets

NETRONIC is the only laser tag platform in the world with a function that allows the instructor to disconnect dozens of game sets simultaneously through a special application.

New interactive features: regeneration and bleeding

A new feature in the NETRONIC laser tag system is health regeneration. It is automatically activated when the “wounded player” is not hit and does not cause damage. Regeneration is terminated if a player shoots or gets hit. The function is activated via the application.

The bleeding function assumes that after a player has been injured, a certain amount of health is taken from him after a given period of time. A medkit can save you from bleeding.
The time interval for activating regeneration / bleeding and the number of restored / depleted life points are set In the software settings

Barrel overheating

To increase realism in the game process, activate the “barrel overheat” function in the settings. Its purpose is to enhance the effect of realism, as well as to exclude blind shooting. “Overheating” occurs after prolonged intensive shooting. The possibility of firing is blocked for a short time and the sound of the shot changes to misfire. To reactivate the kit, just wait a few seconds.

The Tager hit

Now you can choose how the laser gun will react after being shot at. We have created three options for your choice: shock (the weapon is inactive for a certain period of time), causing damage (a certain number of health units are depleted when it the tager is hit) or ignoring (does not react in any way to the hit).

Import and export of the scripts and presets

In addition, you can now configure presets (set the amount of health, damage level, choose a second weapon, the effect of radiation, etc.), as well as create new ones. Also, it became possible to import and export scripts and presets through the Android application. This allows all owners of this application to share created scripts and presets.

Preset scenarios editor

preset scenarios editor for laser tag

The Scenario configurator is designed to make the game process more versatile. Use it to set your own game parameters: duration of the game round and conditions of finishing it, strength of shots, shock time, etc.

Now you can edit presets: Assaulter, Sniper, Hostage, Zombie, Vampire, Doctor  — you can change any chosen parameter there!

New interactive options

The new NETRONIC laser tag system option has health regeneration. It is activated automatically when a “wounded payer” hides and stays inactive for a time. The regeneration process stops when a player hits another player or is hit by an opponent. Use application to activate this feature.

Bleeding is another new option that will take away a certain number of health points from players. Use MedKit to stop bleeding! Program settings allow one to set the time interval of regeneration/deducting health point activation.

Use settings to activate “barrel overheating” feature to increase the realism effect of the game process. This feature is designed to make the game more realistic and also to disable blind shooting. When a player has been shooting non-stop for a long time his weapon is “overheated” and is blocked for a short period of time. The shot sound is replaced with a misfire one. Then he should just wait for a couple of seconds to have his game kit reactivated.

The NETRONIC functional features are implemented in each piece of equipment: headband, laser tag weapon, and software. Those features made it possible to make the game interesting and capturing; so that players would remember each visit of the laser tag club and long to come back over and over again. The game is completely safe for both children and adults. Instructors participate in the games organization 10 times less due to the feature of the one-click start/finish of the game, easy game kits setting, and automatic turn off.

Contact our managers, pressing “Callback” button or through online chat to make an order.