Strengthened shipping bag

For comfortable and safe transportation of laser tag equipment…
09.10.2019/by marketing6

NETRONIC headband

Our new RGB-headband is designed with the goal of satisfying our customer wishes and  applying the best practices developed when creating earlier...
03.06.2019/by Vitalij

PRO RGB-vest with hit sensors

We present you the PRO version of the RGB-vest with hit sensors…
09.01.2018/by Alevtina

SMART Remote Control – the easier way to control laser tag

Comfortable laser tag by LASERTAG.NET becomes even more user-friendly.…
27.11.2017/by Alevtina

Smart Domination Box

LASERTAG.NET has just added one more “smart” device to their…
23.08.2017/by Alevtina

Remote control Smart Mini

Laser tag is a hi-tech game, and high technologies always seek to optimize their size. The new generation of Laser tag game devices from LASERTAG.NET...
14.12.2016/by Vitalij

The vest with defeat sensors of hitting

We present you a vest for the laser tag with sensors of hitting. By its functionality the vest does not differ from RGB-headband, but it can make the game more alive...
19.01.2016/by Simon

Ultrasonic tripwire mine

The long-awaited new gadget from the LASERTAG.NET : a tripwire mine with ultrasonic motion sensor – a device which can enliven the laser tag and ...
19.01.2016/by Simon


Bomb LASERTAG.NET «Lite» is suitable for both laser tag and paintball. Thus a club conducting both combats will get a multi-purpose explosive device.
19.01.2016/by Simon

Red dot sight

Red dot sight is a lens or a lens system that projects the aiming mark on the player’s eye by the parallel flow. As a result it is necessary to combine just two...
19.01.2016/by Simon

Protective tip for FALCON laser tag game kit

Player safety and safe game environment have always been among key priorities for every arena owner. To address this need and to eliminate the chances...
19.01.2016/by Simon

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