Netronic headband

The lightest headband in the laser tag industry, which is able to determine the direction of the enemy’s fire, and also it can hit the other players.


Weight 0,33 lbs (150 g)

Players won’t notice the headband while playing.

Sensor height 0,2" (6 mm)

Low profile and protective bumpers prevent chipping and scratching.

Shoot-through wound and shock wave

Unique gaming features not available on other hardware.

5 modes for autonomous work

Zombie, medic, and other modes for creating game scenarios.

5 modes for autonomous work

There are emitters installed in the headband, making it work autonomously in certain modes without the tagger. No need to buy separate devices for these roles anymore!


Deactivates players when approaching.


Heals nearby players.


Capturing the defeat of the hostage.


Respawns deactivated allies to the game.


The headband acts as a target.

Solution for active use

Shockproof sensors

The sensor body is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and protected from scratches by bumpers. This design is able to withstand shocks, falls, and even the weight of the car.

Ultra-lightweight construction

The headband weighs only 0,33 lbs (150 grams), because of this players don’t even notice it and do not experience discomfort even during a long game.

Wear-resistant CORDURA MAXI

The textile base of the headband is made of CORDURA MAXI fabric with a density of 0,24 lbs/ft2 (1200 g/m2). The material is easy to take care of, and also retains a presentable appearance even after years of active use.


AIR MESH hygienic sweatband

The headband comes with two hygienic sweatbands made of a breathable AIR MESH material, which is attached with Velcro. This way you can give your visitors a clean headband with a new sweatband before each session.


Detachable design

The detachable design of the headband provides quick access to the textile base for further washing and cleaning.

Detachable design

The detachable design of the headband provides quick access to the textile base for further washing and cleaning.

Zoned indication of a hit

Each sensor is equipped with a separate processor responsible for vibration and light indication. When a player is attacked, only the sensor that the enemy hit will vibrate. The player understands where they were shooting from, which enhances the immersion effect in the game.

Shock wave

The headband transmits impulses of damage to other players, simulating the effect of a shock wave when fired from a grenade launcher.

Shoot-through wound

By enabling shoot-through wounds, the laser tag bullet will pass through the player, striking opponents standing on the other side.

Play at any time of the day

Due to the optical properties of the sensor, the LED is visible up to 330 ft (100 meters) away, even in bright sunlight. An inverse mode is available, in which the headband is constantly glowing with the team's color, creating safe conditions for playing in the dark.

normal mode



Control block

The control block is not only a hit sensor but also the functional center of the NETRONIC headband.

Battery capacity 1500 mAh

Allows you to play all day without stopping to recharge.

Charge indicator

Track the battery level right on the headband.

Beacon function

Sends a loud signal when the headband’s laser gun is turned off. Prevents you from forgetting about turning off the headband, as well as finding it if it gets misplaced.

Remote shutdown

The software allows you to turn off all the headbands at the same time in one click.

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