We have already introduced you to the first representatives of the NETRONIC TACTICAL line. As you may remember it includes:

  • The GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol and M4 laser tag rifle with authentic reload, and a body that best match combat prototypes;

  • The SCORPION shock-band is a device that transmits an electrical impulse to the player’s body when the player is hit;

  • The NETRONIC TACTICAL vest and helmet have hit sensors for greater immersion in the game.

The new vest is designed for tactical laser tag battles with maximum imitation of real combat. The main advantages are:

  • All the NETRONIC headband functionality;
  • 3 hit areas for differential damage remain;
  • Camouflage coloring allows you to better blend in during tactical battles;
  • Autonomous light and vibration indication of each sensor;
  • All the elements of the vest are made of reliable and practical materials that are actively used in the military industry.

Add military features to the setting

For any purpose!

The NETRONIC tactical vest is easily worn over military uniforms or special uniforms (body armor and other tactical equipment). The size of the vest can be changed using the velcro adjustment straps. Adaptability allows you to wear a vest over military uniforms or the regular clothes of players of any nature.


Concise appearance

The sensors have a minimalistic design, each of them has a height of 6 millimeters, so they are almost invisible. The camouflage coloring of the vest allows players to blend in the forest and in rough terrain. Thus, the vest allows players to have not only themed laser tag battles, but also reenactment military exercises.

Full immersion

You can achieve greater likeness to a military theme using a vest with the NETRONIC helmet and tactical tagers: GLOCK-19, and M4. You will be able to immerse players in the atmosphere of a real shootout, as well as hone skills in firing and tactical positioning. Military surroundings will surely attract more adult visitors to your laser tag club.

Realistic battles

The NETRONIC Tactical vest has 13 hit sensors. This not only eliminates blind spots, but also creates three areas of differentiated damage (body, back, arms).


What is differential damage?

This function allows you to set a certain percentage of damage for different areas: back, arms, body and head (when using a vest and a headband / helmet). For a better understanding of how this function works, let’s take an example.

Differential Damage Example

In the android application, you set the percentage of damage for certain areas of the NETRONIC game kit. For example, in the character editor, we made the “tank” preset. He will have a bulletproof vest (protected body), but no head protection (the head is vulnerable).


In order for the character to receive damage corresponding to his features, we set the following parameters:

  • Back – 10%
  • Body – 10%
  • Arms – 30%
  • Head – 150%

Such settings will force players to aim at the head to do more damage.
Despite the fact that this function became available in September 2019 along with firmware 19.1, many owners of laser tag centers have already managed to create a whole bunch of fascinating scenarios and characters.

Feel every hit

The combination of the tactical vest and Scorpion shock-band allows you to not only give realistic damage during the game but also physically feel every hit. The band, with each hit in the vest, transmits electrical impulses to the player that causes muscle contraction. This brings more adrenaline to the game, attracting more adult players to it, who were previously not thrilled by traditional laser tag.


Light and vibration indication

Vibration indication of the hit allows the player to quickly determine which side the shot was fired from. When hit, a separate sensor that has been hit vibrates. This increases the dynamics of the battle, and also allows the player to get a sense of shock from being hit.

The light indication acts as additional feedback for players firing a shot. So, when hitting an enemy, the player will not only hear the sound from his tagger, but will also see a bright flicker of the affected sensor.

Army hardening


The textile base of the NETRONIC tactical vest s made of Cordura Maxi fabric with a density of 1200 g / m2. This fabric is actively used in the military industry, because it has water-repellent properties, is resistant to mechanical damage and tearing. A presentable appearance can be maintained for more than 5 years of active use in harsh conditions.


Play in comfort!

The lining is made of breathable AIR MESH material, which is used in the manufacture of military backpacks, carrying bags and hats. The mesh structure allows air circulation, providing comfort even during long battles.

The sensors can withstand any test

The sensor body is made of polycarbonate, it protects the electronics in case of falls, friction against the ground, as well as other types of load. The sensors continue to function even if they are run over by a car. Reliability is ensured by years of rental in the laser tag centers using NETRONIC headbands and vests.

The sensors can withstand any test

The NETRONIC Tactical Vest is designed to make outdoor laser tag even more realistic by adding military setting to the game. In the near future we will go in more detail about the other representatives of the Netronic Tactical line.