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The SCORPION shock band is a unique device that accompanies each game wound with an electrical impulse, which allows you to feel the impact, making the players’ experience very close to paintball.

How does it work?

Hit capture

Hit sensors on the headband, vest, or inside the laser gun fix the hit.

Electric impulse

The shock band sends an electrical impulse to the player's wrist, which locally affects the muscle, causing a brief contraction.

5 modes

You can adjust the optimal power level for each player.


Safety in control

The shock band contains a module that limits the power of each impulse. Power control at the software and hardware levels prevents incorrect operation.


Thrills without harm to health

Playing with a shock band gives you the sensation of a hit just like in paintball or airsoft. But in this case, the impulse causes only muscle contraction, no bruises, or scratches.

Reliable and durable

Polycarbonate body

Resistant to shocks, falls, and other types of mechanical stress.

Polyester strap

Does not stretch over time, it is durable and easy to clean.

Autonomous operation

10+ hours of battery life - a game day without recharging.

Fast charging

Full battery charge in 2 hours.

Simple operation

Change the impulse power in the application, or using the button on the band.

Shock-Fight — a new game and business

The shock band is the main part of Shock-Fight - a new game and direction in the laser tag business.

Attracting a new audience of 16+ customers.

Return on investment up to 1 year.

The bill for a game is 30% more than a regular laser tag game.

Easily integrates into existing projects: paintball, quest rooms, active recreation centers.

Choose your set!

The shock band can be used with a headband or NETRONIC vest (Tactical). Choose what is right for you!

5 – 7 Mar 2024
Dubai World
Trade Centre
Stand 3-C28


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