RGB-headband for laser tag from LASERTAG.NET

Our new RGB-headband is designed with the goal of satisfying our customers’ wishes and  applying the best practices developed when creating earlier headband models. It incorporates all the necessary features for a reliable operation under heavy use conditions associated with rented equipment.

Key features
 Each LASERTAG.NET game kit comes with a wireless RGB-headband. It consists of an adjustable cloth band equipped with the control unit, 4 hit sensors (one of which is integrated into the control unit) and a single-use hygienic lining.
The control unit hosts a battery of 700 mA/h capacity and when fully charged, it is capable of delivering enough power for 24 hours of wireless operation.
The sensor consists of a casing, a circuit board with RGB LEDs, an IR-receiver and a protective cover made of transparent and shock-resistant material.

Each sensor has a signal capture angle of 180 degrees and  sensors uniformly spaced along the circumference of the headband, which allows receiving the opponent’s gunshot signal from around 360 degrees, while eliminating blind spots and ensuring the ultimate precision of a hit registration. The headband is connected to the laser tag gun wirelessly.


Shock-resistant casing
The sensor’s casing is made of shock-resistant polypropylene. This choice of material has contributed to both the casing’s strength and the RGB LED glow. The light is diffused over the whole sensor dome making it more visible and more appealing.


4-color light indication
Another useful feature of LASERTAG.NET headbands is that each headband can be set to light in one of four colors. This is very convenient when marking teams and assigning roles to individual players using color coding. LEDs may glow with red, blue, yellow, green, or white light. The color is set using remote control or software in your PC, laptop, or phone.
The increased light intensity of indicator lights is ensured by 2 RGB LEDs integrated into each sensor. This is especially important when games are played on large arenas, since the bright glow can be seen from far, this makes the play more exciting and realistic.


Easy assembly and software upgrade
The circuit board is positioned in its seat and fixed using 2 screws with no soldering to fasten the board, making any preventive measures or replacement easy and simple, as no unsoldering is required to remove the circuitry.  It takes only 15 seconds to completely disassemble a sensor.

Another important feature is associated with an easier  headband software upgrade. Now, you no longer need to open the control unit casing to get it connected to your PC or laptop, as there is a sensor board connector provided for this purpose. Thanks to this feature, you can get your headband connected and its software upgraded in minutes.


Hard-wearing textile base. Comfort and utility
The textile base is made of reinforced cotton fabric highly resistant to wear and tear with mesh inserts providing better air circulation and decreasing moisture absorption by 50%. This is increasingly important in heavy use to ensure players’ comfort during the game.


The control unit is placed on the side and is attached to the central part of the headband. It is convenient in the situation when the headband is worn by a child, because it prevents one end of the band from going loose due to a shorter length of the band needed. Before this design improvement, the hit sensor on the unit used to go out of reach and hang loose, which caused extra load on the band and the fastener.


This is not a problem anymore. The Velcro fastener ensures strong and reliable fastening and offers high wear and tear resistance in heavy conditions that come with rentals, allowing multiple use by different players during a day. This, in turn, calls for addressing hygiene and comfort issues to offer players the best gaming experience. The single-use hygienic lining, which is attached to the inner side of the headband with a Velcro fastener, is provided for each individual player before the start of each game. After the battle is over, it is removed and sent to washing. This is the ultimate solution to wet and soiled band problems.


Reliable wiring
Keeping in mind the intensive use of the headband as a part of leased equipment, the wiring uses flexible flat multi-core cable, which is highly resistant to bending and physical impact.
Thus, the new version of the RGB-headband has become even a more reliable and essential part of laser tag equipment  arsenal by LASERTAG.NET.

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