Convenience, durability, distinctive and sleek design plus a reasonable price to top it all – a rare combination of qualities in one piece which is so valued by our customers and a real challenge to design and build for any manufacturer.  We were proud to rise to the challenge and are happy to present the FALCON assault rifle by LASERTAG.NET.

It took us almost a whole year of hard work to create this model. The effort culminated in the design of a new game set – a jewel in the crown of our product range offering real value to its owners.

laser tag gun

FALCON F2 is a new model of the FALCON game set. Unlike its predecessor FALCON F1, specifically designed for kids, the new version – FALCON 2 – was designed specifically for adults. No matter whether the game is played by a skilled veteran player or a newbie, a sturdy man or a frail girl, – all of them will find this laser tag gun model convenient and easy to operate and play. FALCON 2 is light: Having the length of 66 cm (30 in.), it weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lb.). These features allow for continuous and comfortable play. At the same time, FALCON F2 does not feel like a toy because it weighs just enough to create the feel of a real weapon in the player’s hands without causing any discomfort.

LASERTAG.NET Falcon F2 rifle


Length66 cm/30 in
Weight1 kg/2.2 lb.
Optimum shooting range 200 m/656 ft
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery life24-48 h
Miles Tag compatibility yes
Graphic LCD screen (optional)yes
Protective tip (optional)yes
Vibration recoil (optional) yes
Impulse recoil (optional) yes
Warranty24 months

It is important to note that the weight and dimensions were specifically tailored and balanced in order to allow the player to focus on the game and to eliminate any potential discomfort during the game action. The rifle’s casing is ideally balanced as the grip was moved towards the center, thereby the player to conveniently hold it in one hand. Also, the Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2.2 Аh allows our laser tag gun to operate for 24 to 48 hours on a single charge.

At your request, FALCON may be equipped with a highly informative LCD screen which can simultaneously display up to 5 data types in the service and play modes: health, deaths, ammunition, hits, and battery charge. The screen is protected by 6-mm shock-resistant glass to protect it from impact and scratches.

LASERTAG.NET Falcon F2 rifle LCD-screen

Laser tag business is booming, with more and more arenas opening each day in various cities all over the world. Thus the army of laser tag fans is growing every day. And this is great, indeed! However, this also means higher operating loads on rented equipment. We do understand the specifics of the business and had them in mind when developing the FALCON F2 laser tag game set, since we know from our own experience what ordeals rental equipment is always subject to. That is why this was our primary concern in our drive to create a reliable laser tag weapon for our customers.

The gun’s casing is made of super-robust ABS plastic and is reinforced with stiffening ribs to endure the most severe conditions.

How about withstanding a sledge hammer blow? Not a big deal for FALCON 2! What about surviving a fall from a 15-meter height? No problem at all for FALCON 2! You can even ride over it with your car – it will still function.

Safety features

This rifle’s special design eliminates sharp edges and protruding elements in the body. In addition, FALCON has no removable or loose parts. This means that it is virtually impossible to break the gun or to get hurt while playing with it. The recessed power and reload buttons prevent any accidental and unintended pressing.

This game set can also be equipped with a protective tip made of soft rubber. It was designed to prevent injuries if players run into objects or each other. This rubber tip also offers additional protection for the optics. Besides that, it is available in different colors, which makes assigning color codes to teams an easy task.

LASERTAG.NET Falcon F2 rifle tip

The sound system ensures powerful and realistic sound from firing the rifle, alerting about a player’s injury, whizzing bullets, hitting the enemy, etc.

All electronic parts are securely and safely mounted on special supports inside the gun’s casing to significantly extend the period of the rifle’s stable operation.

To top it off, exclusively for this model, LASERTAG.NET designers developed a unique impulse recoil module to imitate the feel of real gun recoil, rather than a simple vibration or twitching. This optional feature can add more thrill and excitement to the game.

In order to make the game even more fair, to prevent cheating when players might be hiding behind a bunker with only their weapons sticking out of the bunker, our rifle can be equipped with hit sensors built into the rifle’s casing on the sides and at the front. This feature is also optional.

LASERTAG.NET Falcon F2 rifle tip

All these features make FALCON F2 the ultimate choice of a laser tag gun, which is the best choice for the heavy duty in the rental laser tag business or in any other laser tag business. The best proof to this is the dozens of laser tag clubs around the world that made FALCON 2 their weapon of choice for their laser tag arenas.