SIRIUS Station: new star on your laser tag arena!

Portable and outstanding device, featuring 6 game modes to run a scenario of any difficulty level. These are the the main features of the Sirius Station that benefit owners of laser tag arenas.

SIRIUS Station is a newly designed device for laser tag games, enabling you to change your arena and refresh the game zone in only few minutes. It will as well help adapting the arena to the highly difficult scenarios to fit the most demanding visitors.

arena game-based device sirius

Autonomous operation, 6 game modes, futuristic body, LED screen, and decorative 360-degree illumination along the outline are turning the device into a must-have for indoor laser tag games.

Technical features

Dimensions7.2 x 7.2 x 2.1 in. / 183 х 183 х 54 mm.
Weight  1.1 lb. / 520 g.
Power– Battery 7,4 W 2600 mAh
– Plug in 220 V
Time of autonomous workUp to 24 hours or 2 working days of the arena
Indication display12 RGB-diodes
Decorative illuminationAvailable
Body materialShockproof polycarbonate
ControlARENA program
Game modes6
Range of actionUp to 7 m. (customized in settings)
How to installOn a vertical surface (like wall clock) at about 1.5-2.5 m height

Portability: adapt your arena to the visitors and scenarios!

One of the SIRIUS Station main features is that it is portable. Light, space effective, autonomously operating – use those advantages to easily move the device around the laser tag arena, placing it in any spot at any height (depending on who is going to play – children or adult players) – this is the best way to provide all types of players with the most comfortable conditions. It will take you just a couple of minutes to adjust your arena to any scenario or wish of the visitors.

Indication display: dynamic, bright, and clear display of the modes

Having designed the station we have taken into consideration the fact that children form 70% of all the laser tag arenas visitors. This is why we paid special attention to make the device user-friendly, bright, and dynamically reactive to the actions of the players.

Indication panel  features 12 RGB-diodes. Each game mode is displayed with a coherent image that is easy-to-understand by the player (even by those who are constantly moving and go far away from the SIRIUS Station). The game becomes more interesting and engaging for the players.

Futuristic design, illumination, and shockproof body – some more benefits together with efficiency! 

The SIRIUS Station has a transparent body, designed in a futuristic manner. Red decorative illumination along the outline of the device spreads light over the surface where it’s placed and thus you can easily see the station inside the dark arena maze as well as add some more entourage charm to the arena itself.

SIRIUS Station body is made of shockproof polycarbonate thus protecting all the inbuilt electronic details from possible mechanical damages.

Game Modes 

The device is multifunctional – it can support different scenarios of laser tag games. The latest version of the SIRIUS station features six game modes: Respawn, Radiation, MedKit, Ammo, Random, and Base.

Respawn Mode

This mode brings «dead” players back to game. It is used mostly for scenarios with limited quantity of health points and with no automatic respawn mode. The best way to use this mode is to put a SIRIUS Station on the teams start points (in the opposite sides of the laser tag arena).

Respawn Mode

You will see 4 central light diodes flashing with the color of the team affected by the mode on a constant basis. The only exception is when the SIRIUS Station is set to respawn all the players (regardless the team they belong to) – then the central diodes of the device flash with white color.

Time function is performed by the external circle – depending on the time you set through the program the diodes are lit one by one with the white color (moving counter clockwise). When the 8th (the last) diode is lit the device comes to action and respawns the players (literally it respawns the health and ammo set at the start point). This process is indicated with the white flashes of all the diodes. The the cycle is formed again – the timer starts from the very beginning.

Radiation Mode

This mode steals health of the players. When in this mode SIRIUS device can be used as an anomaly to protect, for example, an artefact or the way to the base.

Radiation Mode

When in Radiation Mode inner and external light diodes flash with yellow color, moving counterclockwise. When Radiation is active you will see the device flashing with violet color.

MedKit Mode

This mode restores health of the “wounded” players till the start level. When choosing this mode place SIRIUS Stations in the zones where teams don’t attack each other that often so that players could “heal themselves” with no rush.

MedKit Mode

When in this mode SIRIUS Station displays a cross, formed with central light diodes. This cross slowly flashes and fades. There are two color options: white (when the device works for all players) or of the team color (when it heals players only of one team).

Other 4 diodes are located diagonally on the external circle. They work as a timer. Each quarter of the activation time one white diode is lit. When the fourth one is lit then the device starts giving health to players (you will notice the blinking of the cross then).

Ammo Mode 

Ammo Mode restores ammo spent by the players. But the maximum ammo cannot exceed the quantity set at the start of the game round. The most comfortable way to use this game mode is when you run a scenario with limited ammo. Place SIRIUS Stations on the bases of game teams or in other locations inside the arena.

Ammo Mode

When in this mode the SIRIUS Station displays a sector formed with 1 central and 3 additional light diodes. This sector rotates counterclockwise when the device is working. Being activated this mode adds magazines to the players ammo. This process is displayed with fast blue flashes of all the diodes.

Random Mode

This mode includes 3 modes (Respawn, Radiation, MedKit) that come in action in a random mode. Also a player doesn’t know till the very last moment what mode is active right now. Activate Random Mode on a SIRIUS Station to use it in scenarios with anomaly zones – the suddenness will make the game more interesting.

Random Mode

The LED panel displays 4 central light diodes flashing with the color of the team the device affects. The light diodes on the external circle act as a timer but, unlike in Radom Mode, have not only white color but 7 of them, displayed in turn. When effecting the players the external circle flashes with white color while the inner one flashes with the color of the team, chosen in settings.

Base Mode

Base includes two modes: Respawn and Radiation. Moreover, the teams are effected differently: if you set, for example, red team as an “owner” of the Base then only red team players will be respawned while all the rest will get a doze of radiation. When in this mode SIRIUS Stations are usually placed on the start points (team bases).

Base Mode

In most cases the main goal when playing a scenario with a Base Mode is to destroy the base of the opponent. This goal is complicated (an thus the game becomes more interesting) because the device uses Radiation to protect itself from being deactivated by the players from other teams.

The Base Mode is indicated just like the Random Mode, meaning that if the base belongs to the red team then central diodes will flash with red color. The difference though is that when activated the SIRIUS flashes not with team color but with a violet one.

Instant settings and control

SIRIUS Station is very user-friendly. Set and configure it through Arena program – even a person with no special skills can deal with it easily. The device communicates with the host computer through an interference free Wi-Fi channel. This allows changing SIRIUS settings in a blink of an eye to withdraw correct online-statistics of the player-device communication.

Use program settings to set the following parameters: 

  • IR beam power (%)
    Use this parameter to set action zone of the device.
  • Whom it affects
    Tick the checkbox to choose who is going to be affected by the device. There are two options: team of a certain color (for example, red team) or all the teams. The only exception is Ammo Mode. SIRIUS Stations in this mode restore ammo of all the players, regardless color of the team they belong to.
  • Action gap (1-254 seconds)
    Use this parameter to set the period the device will be active in (radiating, respawning, restoring ammo or health – depending on the mode chosen).
  • Number of shots for deactivation (1-254)
    This parameter will let you set a number of shots necessary to deactivate the device. You can set it in any mode except the Ammo one.

From the very beginning of the game the modes are active automatically and players need to make a certain number of shots within about 30 seconds to deactivate the device. If the SIRIUS Station is set for a specific command then only competitos team can deactivate it.

  • Inaction gap (1-254 seconds)
    Use this parameter to set the period (in seconds) after which the device will restore itself after the deactivation.

For the inaction period set in a program the SIRIUS Station will start flashing with white color (with all light diodes). After the set time is out the device will start giving the same command as before the deactivation.

Use settings to adjust the parameters of each mode. For example, for Ammo Mode you can set the quantity of magazines given (1-254) for one actuation of the device. The same applies to the Radiation Mode and MedKit Mode: you can set the “damage applied” (1-100) and “health given” (1-100).

SIRIUS Station effect for the players

To be affected by the set mode (to resume ammo, health, lives, or get a dose of radiation) a player just need to get to the SIRIUS zone of action.

SIRIUS Station + Multistation = Maximal Efficiency!

If you already have a Multistation or even few of them on the arena and now you are thinking about some SIRIUS Station then we will advise you how to use those devices together and get the best results.

For example, one-two Multistations in the middle of the arena can work in Bomb and/or Domination Box Mode. At the same time 4-5 SIRIUS Stations, placed all around the arena will respawn players, restore ammo, and radiate (depending on the modes you choose). Use the portability of the SIRIUS Stations to easily relocate them even during the game itself, adding new features to the arena and new emotions to the payers.

When in tandem SIRIUS Station and Multistation can turn your laser tag arena into an outstanding, appealing, and bright game zone. Grant delight to your visitors and enjoy highly efficient laser tag business!