Warranty obligations

The warranty obligations of the supplier will be upheld providing the customers compliance to the rules of transportation, storage and operation during the warranty period.

After receiving your purchase, be sure to check the warranty card; it will be necessary for your warranty service. The serial number and model name of the product that You purchased must be identical to that which is noted on the warranty card. No changes or corrections to the card are allowed. In order to avoid any misunderstandings keep all the documents (warranty card, invoice, Contract, etc.) that were attached to the product.

Please, read the maintenance instruction carefully ( http://lasertag.net/support/manuals ) before using the product and before contacting our Support service.

The guarantee period of the product is 12 months from the moment the user receives the equipment.
The guarantee does not cover certain parts (power button, reset button, remote control buttons, trigger, microswitch, charger connectors, output LEDs, audio cables, network and USB).

The guarantee for embedded batteries and third-party supplied equipment is determined by the manufacturer.

The guarantee does not cover the products with defects caused by:

  • non-compliance with transportation, storage and operating rules;
  • incorrect configuration and connection of the equipment;
  • damages caused by improper using, handling or application;
  • mechanical damage caused by a hit, falling, high pressure, animal activity etc.;
  • excessive pollution, ingestion of foreign objects and liquids, exposure aggressive to the materials of the equipment materials;
  • force majeure (natural disasters and emergencies);
  • repairs made by unauthorized persons;
  • making design or circuit changes and software changes unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  • redirection of power, telecommunications and cable networks;
  • natural depreciation and amortization of the product (abrasion of the device case, scratches, etc.).

Transportation services for warranty repairs are paid as follows: the customer pays transport costs when sending a product to a service center, the supplier pays the costs when sending from the service center to the customer. The method of sending a product by the customer must be agreed with by the supplier.

In case of non-warranty repair the customer is entitled to the service repair, but the cost of work, supplies and transportation costs shall be paid at his/her own expense. The product is accepted for repair fully equipped, including a warranty card. The complete set of a product is specified in the passport.

The product must be sent complete, with all the components, including a warranty card. The complete set of a product is specified in the passport.

When performing non-warranty repairs, the service center gives a guarantee of 14 days for those components that have been repaired.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes that improve the products quality while maintaining the basic operational characteristics.

The company undertakes to provide support (including updates) of the laser-tag software throughout the entire warranty period of its operation. If the customer, during the warranty period, has a program failure or a significant malfunction of the equipment is detected due to software faults, the repair work will be carried out as soon as possible depending on the complexity of the identified problem.
The actual versions of the equipment’s microcontrollers and the software versions should correspondent to each other.

The software guarantee does not cover mistakes caused by:

  • non-compliance with the device requirements for the devices on which the program is installed;
  • failure or incorrect operation of the device on which the program is installed;
  • failure of an operating system installed on computer or mobile equipment and by the action of third-party software products, including computer viruses;
  • as a result of the independent intervention of the User in the device of the software product;
  • incorrect operation of the software in accordance with the instructions.

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