The Magnificent Seven

Want to entertain more customers while the season and hold more games? Then now – it’s high time to expand your laser tag equipment arsenal! Be a club that is ready to hold a corporate party, a sports tournament or a children’s event for any number of visitors.

SPECIAL OFFER – only for current clients! From today placing the order on 6 NETRONIC game sets you get the 7th one as a GIFT!

NETRONIC laser tag equipment:

  • The lightest headband on the laser tag market, 150 g only;
  • Laser tag gun with impulse recoil, informative colored OLED-screen and second weapon mode;
  • Smart software that automates processes of game starting and finishing, allows remote game sets and additional devices controlling, game conditions setting etc.

Contact our manager by phone or press the “call back” button to enjoy the special offer!

Start a new laser tag season with advanced equipment!